Nicki MInaj Accuses Safaree of STEALING Her Credit Card | Pays 10k For His Hairline

Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels are in an all-out Twitter war. After the Queen rapper put Safaree on blast during an interview with Hot 97, her ex responded.

“How dare you bite the hand that feeds you,” Nicki said Tuesday morning.
Before raging an online battle with her ex, Minaj had her Twitter fingers aimed at DJ Self over some disparaging comments he made about her album. Nicki claimed Self only made those statements because she’d refused to be affectionate toward him, but he quickly rebuked that claim.

Minaj later blamed Safaree for stealing her credit card and Safaree accused her of cutting him. The war lasted hours. Whats your take on it?


Author: celeboftea