Nicki Minaj GOES OFF On Management For DELAYING Her Album On Live Radio

Nicki Minaj’s album Queen has been long awaited for from her fans and they finally got a bit of excitement last night when they found out that the album was finally going to be released.

Nicki Minaj debuted her new radio show Queens Radio last night on Beats One radio and so many celebrities were in the building. Nicki Minaj was excited because at 12am, she was to release her album to the world. That was up until she received a call from management saying that she couldn’t release it at that time and it would be pushed back. Nicki was embarrassed because not only was she on live radio but she was in front of a whole bunch of industry friends.

Nicki yelled at management saying things like “You can’t talk to me that way” and “why cant it be released at 6 if you were just going to release it 4 hours ago”.

Needless to say, the album is still set to be released today at 12 PM est. Nicki will go back live on her radio station to go over each track and explain the inspiration behind each song. Will you be listening?


Author: celeboftea