O.T. Genasis Says Eminem Shouldn’t Respond to Machine Gun Kelly’s Diss

O.T. Genasis Says Eminem Shouldn't Respond to Machine Gun Kelly's Diss

O.T. Genasis says Eminem should stand down in his latest beef with Machine Gun Kelly … ’cause Marshall’s just too good to get deeper in the gutter with the kid.

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25 responses to “O.T. Genasis Says Eminem Shouldn’t Respond to Machine Gun Kelly’s Diss”

  1. If he can respond to Mariah, then he can respond to Em.

  2. What does this guy know about rapping

  3. Yes Em is better than Pac lol


    It suprises me that all these mumble rappers are quiet as fuck… just looking at their instas its like a desert hahahahaha not even updates

  5. OT is right, EM is too great to response to that small ladyboy mgk, he's not worth it.

  6. MGK started it

  7. Reynold Williams Avatar
    Reynold Williams

    Everyone has an opinion on whose the best rapper…Em is not the G.O.A.T. in my opinion….there is no G.O.A.T..the rap game is about making money and if you are that's all that really matters

  8. stop wit the em is the greatest I mean Damm he's not 2pac!!! then Big L Biggie Rakim I mean really!!! LLcoolj Nas Ice Cube!!!

  9. Michael Williams Avatar
    Michael Williams

    Ion know ppl think Eminem can't be touched

  10. Foh he ain't too great to respond leave that lame shit to jay

  11. Mgk just killed eminem

  12. Reynold Williams Avatar
    Reynold Williams

    I'm quite sure it's plenty of people who think that Soldier Boy is the G.O.A.T…

  13. Em shouldve been responded

  14. Anas Wajeehuddin Khan Avatar
    Anas Wajeehuddin Khan

    🔥🔥Oooo well Thats Gonna Hurt him real bad… Damn son😉🤘Eminem Is Coming For You Very Soon.. So Better Hide Kelly You're Done Homie…  Bad choice to diss him RIP IN ADVANCE

  15. First time ive heard him talk. Swear the way he raps he was gonna have an accent.

  16. We all want him to respond cuz we all want the old em back. This tatted up degenerate simple simon rhymin emcee isnt worth ems time but seeing him get merked would be nice.

  17. i'm sure he replied already with the song fall!

  18. I agree Eminem is the greatest and kings don’t acknowledge peasants!

  19. It's 'White on White cRhyme'

  20. Stop the fake blonde on fake blonde crime.

  21. what's that twin girls name she so pretty is that khole best friend our her sister

  22. Em will take all you mowfucker out

  23. I like his response

  24. I like ot Genesis he can rap

  25. Em should respond. so that we can see if mgk still has something left after that diss. or did he just gave it his all on that one song.

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