Obama Goes In On Trump, Rips GOP Over Policies & Asks ‘What Happened To The Republican Party?’

During an appearance at the University of Illinois on Friday, former President Barack Obama blasted Donald Trump for his “radical” views as well as policies and called out the Republican party for turning their backs on their own core principles.

Roland Martin and the #RolandMartinUnfiltered panel discussed Obama’s address that targeted Trump and the various opportunities the former president failed to capitalize on during his two terms in office.

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25 thoughts on “Obama Goes In On Trump, Rips GOP Over Policies & Asks ‘What Happened To The Republican Party?’

  1. I can't believe Obama is out trying to campaign for the Democratic Party after how the they screwed Black voters. Demons Party is all about LBGTQ and Hispanics.

  2. So we are going to give to the leadership of the Democratic Party a pass and blame only Obama for the losses the democrats had. Mr Martin why is there no one that has a counter your opinion?

  3. Obama is talking about Billionaires, you should look into a mirror and a ask himself that George solos comes to mind is he behind obama failed attempts to Demolish the USA. Four American lives were cut short in Benghazi and story Is real. Facts are facts. If I am not mistaken the movie 13 hours was about Benghazi.
    How dare you bring president Abraham Lincoln up. I will say this Abraham Lincoln so far is the best present and you Obama is the worst president. Prove that climate change is real not my phony scientist but by facts. The Republican Party is still for the people. I can not stand the BS from obama

  4. Fuck Obama, his fucking Obamacare, his tranny wife, and his backstabbing of my country!!!

  5. Obama is so obviously more intelligent than Donald Trump! His communication skills and overall competence is superior! I did not agree with Obama on every decision he met and he definitely disappointed me with his lack of support for healing and bringing change to the black community! I still respect him and I honor him for all the good that he has done and I agree with everything he said in this video 100%!

  6. See, this is part of the reason why I love this new channel. Roland, keep bringing the teachings we so desperately need. I'm so grateful for you my brotha. Thank you so much. I just learned some potent shit I only thought I knew. All hail to the teachings and how to truly politic!!! 💘 it!!!

  7. President Obama is 😎classy, respectable, honorable, 📚 intelligent and 🙏humble. Trump will never be close to what President stands for.

  8. Barack Hussein Obama doesn't have any credibility with the native Black DOS community. Next to Reagan, Obama is going to go down as one of the worst presidents for native Black DOS. I hope this lowdown snake in the grass doesn't come to my neck of the woods to campaign for my community to vote for his party.

  9. Damn I miss Obama. How can ppl actually hate on him as some do? But those same individuals hail Trump. I don't get it.

  10. Roland martin you need to talk with the fake blackleadeship before they have black people back on slavery ass well as seft protecting iilegal

  11. Somebody needs to say and do something… You guys are discussing what that focus should have been on the ground in regards to the obama's admin's focus. He was still a black man trying to work with a system even on the ground, that system which from my perspective was not going to work with him, local, state and fed. I'm from the deep south and these people were really pist about him being the president for any amount of time. Actually, they still are pist. We are here now and as far as I see, we are in trouble… critiquing the previous admin isn't helping at all. Love ya Rollin.
    Dana t.

  12. The best President the United States of America ever had.
    I wish you were my father, no shade to my father he was a great man too!

  13. President Obama is the blame for everything. I get it. He should just stop speaking on behalf of the Democratic party. He did nothing for America or the Democratic party. He is just an awful human being who should just be shoved in the dust bin of history. I get it. Obama is the devil

  14. we talk about racism like we can't stop them perpetrators from doing it? at least taking the victim stance

  15. President Obama never received more than 36% of the white vote and he was disrespected and he was treated crap by those who questioned the legitimacy of his presidency. Why on Earth would the former president, allow the Democratic Party, who abandon him in the swing states of Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin in Ohio, and voted for Trump so that he could undo Obama's Legacy, to use him to help them raise money for the midterms.

  16. Sorry. Mr. Obama…….THAT IS CONSERVATISM.

    They hate you and the rest of Black people in America.

  17. Roland is right. ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL. If you don’t care about local politics, you will lose.

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