Omarosa Talks ‘Unhinged,’ Explains Why She Worked For Trump & Commits To Getting Him Out Of Office

In a wide-ranging interview with Roland Martin, Omarosa Manigault Newman discussed her New York Times bestseller, “Unhinged,” racism in the White House and the ever-increasing dysfunction at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Omarosa also explained why she campaigned for Donald Trump as well as why she joined his administration and said she is now committed to getting Trump out of office.

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25 thoughts on “Omarosa Talks ‘Unhinged,’ Explains Why She Worked For Trump & Commits To Getting Him Out Of Office

  1. She's GOOD. Boss 100% self-centered, opportunistic, Con Player. Sold Black folks out for a position in the Big House under a Pro-Nazi POTUS, and NOW since she was fired she done flipped her treachery into a well-rehearsed "hero" agenda sell her book, step up her egotistical need for media attention, and to get even for being fired.

    Beleive her if you want to. Game recognize game.

  2. If you see me in a fight with a bear… pray for the bear. Omarosa 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂😏

    Probably should be on a tshirt or something. 🐻🐼

  3. She is very intelligent woman and knows the game very well and doing it right….wish her better days ahead

  4. Hillary Clinton called black man super predators started the three strikes you outlaw the Clintons are not black people friends just like Donald Trump is not black people friends both families are even

  5. Omarosa was Call a lair, with her Book!! White Boy Write The Same Book, And He Is All Truth!! SAD!!

  6. She didn’t choose to leave SHE was fired. Now she states she knew all the things that were wrong. And she really inflates her role in the White House. Her office was in a separate building.

  7. Omarosa to me is a very smart woman she could have been just like most trump supporters a total sell out at least she knew when enough is enough and decided to make a stand and wasn't brainwashed go Omarosa hold to your 🔫 's

  8. Say what you will about Omarosa…But you can’t call her dumb, she’s Sharp and Strategic…Definitely smarter than any of the other folks in the Trump White House 🇺🇸

  9. Thank you Roland for showing another side of Omarosa. Even though I will never forgive her for supporting Trump and his policies, the interview reminded me that she is still a person who makes mistakes and has feelings. Great Interview.

  10. I have to be honest…my daughter was able to go to school this past summer with that grant. I had to pay a portion…but it surely helped tremendously!

  11. Say what you want, Omarosa is one articulate woman. You must appreciate that! Hopefully she uses that to do good and not self-serve from now on going forward.

  12. This is a different, more mild mannered Omarosa. I don’t know if it’s that she respects Roland but this wasn’t what i seen on all her other interviews.

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