One Mother’s Beautiful Story Ahead Of Mother’s Day | The View




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43 thoughts on “One Mother’s Beautiful Story Ahead Of Mother’s Day | The View

  1. Down's children and the sweetest, kindest people you could ever meet. I have been honored since I was a child to be friends with people living with Down's.

  2. Sara is the PERFECT person for this segment. Can you imagine MEgan doing this one? "So…..I have friends….who know of people with down syndrome".

  3. As a mother of a cognitively special needs child, I think the comments about "choice to abort" are ridiculous. The very fact is, there are SO MANY neurodiverse situations that can occur that aren't something you can see on an ultrasound or test prior to birthing your child. If you cannot love your child NO MATTER WHAT, then you're not the parent that you should be & maybe you want a child more than you want the unconditional love and care aspect of parenting. Parenting is NOT a fad! It is a lifelong journey and you might run into circumstances out of your control with your typical child too! I had a friend that was a graduate of a prestigious University. He had his whole life ahead of him at 25, and he had 6 strokes and is now cognitively 10 months old. It just happened! But his parents didn't say, "oh this isn't what I signed up for!" and abandon him… because they LOVE him unconditionally. End of rant!

  4. Love this. Her daughter is too darn adorable and her son is being a great big brother & her number one supporter already.

  5. Real cute child. However, I fear other parents will soon be shamed for choosing to terminate their pregnancies if that’s what they feel is right for them. I don’t think it’s that courageous to choose to have a baby let alone a Down syndrome baby. Everyone’s decisions are their own.

  6. Kids are funny little humans. They make me want to have one so I can teach them all the bad stuff my parents wouldn't let me do. Just saying!

  7. I am so proud to have a sister with Downs Syndrome! Thank you to the view for having this family on and giving Downs Syndrome some light! I love what this mother said, and I have been saying the same thing my entire life. When people say "I am so sorry", don't be sorry! We aren't sorry, we are so lucky to have a Downs family member. They are the glue in the family and they are absolute angels, that care so much for everyone! I call my sister my lucky charm! GO DOWNS PEOPLE! Keep hugging!

  8. This is awesome just great to see her so loved and pouring so much love back is the best. My little brother has #DownSyndrome and he is the best thing that ever happened to our family the glue that holds us together.

  9. This is a beautiful segment! The souls with Downs Syndrome come here to love. I haven't met one yet that isn't full of love.

  10. OMG….What a beautiful family ! Mia is lovely, but Jack's genuine , heart felt response about his sister melted my heart. Bless them all.

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