Open Space: Saba | Mass Appeal

Open Space: Saba | Mass Appeal

“Prior to doing ‘Acid Rap’ I didn’t really know Chance,” recalls Saba, the producer and rapper who came up as part of Chicago’s Pivot Gang. “He was a fan of me and I was a fan of him. It was mutual respect… We was at the same open mics. He just text me one day, “Yo, tryin’ to get you on the album.’ To this day I don’t know where he got my number.” After losing his grandfather and his cousin Walt—known to rap fans as dinnerwithjohn—within a few weeks last year, Saba poured all of his pain into an intensely personal album called ‘Care For Me,’ which dropped earlier this month. “I feel like music is therapy—not even just making it but to listen back to it,” Saba said during a recent visit to MASS APPEAL HQ. “A lot of things are constantly on my mind—I try real hard to think of something else. Losing people close to you, it’s hard. That’s why so many people are running to drugs. Look at what’s going on around us.” Do not sleep on the latest episode of Open Space.

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21 responses to “Open Space: Saba | Mass Appeal”

  1. One of the best albums of the year.

  2. saba is criminally underrated

  3. the fact they played shadow man the next day gives me chills

  4. calligraphy and grey. this album is just a masterpiece, but then bucket list project too? it’s crazy saba is a beast

  5. I first heard Saba in Angels by chance, been following him ever since

  6. Shout out young Chicago authors

  7. This is the only Open Space i've watched…because it's the only artist I've liked so far (that I've seen)

  8. Don't you ever sleep on Saba! Ever!

  9. Super talented wish he was better known

  10. It's crazy that people are still sleeping on Saba. I still remember when I first came across Comfort Zone on Soundcloud and I was blown away, I think I played Timezone like 50 times that day over and over again lmao. It's crazy that was 4 years ago now.

  11. I just heard one of his tracks on selection radio.

  12. I’ll never forget his performance in Oakland. He was like “yeah, Chicago, whatchyall know about Chicago and Chicago?!?!”. The crowd was like “you’re in Oakland, we don’t care about anywhere else!! Ayyyy!!””

  13. I love this dude! Seen him in concert this week! The album's amazing trust me! He gets bigger with every project

  14. Shout out to Saba for coming thru!!

    What’s your favorite track off his new album “Care For Me?’

  15. Undeniably one of the greatest of our generation

  16. Best album of 2018

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