Panel gets heated over Sanders briefing

CNN political analyst April Ryan and political commentator Jason Miller clash over White House press secretary Sarah Sanders’ responses at her press briefing.


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40 thoughts on “Panel gets heated over Sanders briefing

  1. How times change CNN used to be the propanda tool for USA and now its leading in bringing down the USA Presidency. who then is colluding with Russia as CNN is doing exactly what Russia wants. April Ryan needs help

  2. Jason Miller looks like he would be a villain the incredibles or something….with that tiny ass weird chin

  3. LOL April Ryan!!! You don’t know me in the rest of the world means “You don’t know me” but where April comes from it means I want to FIGHT YOU!! LOL

  4. Stfu April Ryan. All this "thing" does is spew a misinformation Champaign !! It's fascinating to me how blacks, like April, just make up complete false narratives and actually believe it themselves!! For instance, "hands up don't shoot ", or "OJ Simpson is innocent " or "police systematically hunt black people ". The only reason they don't like Trump is because he is a wealthy white man with a beautiful wife and family! It's as simple as that!!
    They spew "white supremacist " when the fact is they are actually anti-white, black supremacists with a white genocide propaganda agenda!!

  5. April, why don't you find a new career? You SUCK, as a political analyst! You have been on the side of physical abuse several times.

  6. April is faking that she took offense. Or she's being foolish. This is a bad, bad showing by April. She waded in and make herself looking worse and worse. Sanders faces tons of questions in front of national cameras. If the questioning gets personally hostile, we shouldn't be surprised at a snippy response.

  7. April Ryan is a disgrace to journalism. She makes herself the news by miss quoting Sarah Sanders, and misrepresenting Sarah’s level of respect.
    ADR is a vulgar fool . She should be immediately fired.

  8. Where we come from in America, people like you are called the town gossips. Not many care about STORMY, none of us were there to see it. It is Trump's past, there was no campaign money used. It is a nothing berger. You take everything out of context, twist it into something that is a LIE!
    Also, concerning Sara Sanders you have NO right to taskmaster her like you do. She is doing a great job. She gives you all the information as she gets it. You have no right to degrade her like you have in the last week. Grow the hell up! You are all taking this b.s. to far. People are waking up in america, WE DON'T TRUST YOU ANYMORE, OR BELIEVE YOU!!

  9. April Ryan is low class gutter. Her Twitter exchange with that Baltimore mayor regarding Sarah Sanders Huckabee suggesting street fighting and ghetto talk is hypocritical after insulting Sarah herself. April Ryan is bias, anti President, and de legitimizes her own "journalism" credibility. Good Journalism for the most part is finished, April Ryan is just a hawk for the resistance but I am sure in her mind I just gave her a compliment lol.

  10. Sara does a fantastic job 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  11. Regardless,I'm fucking tired of the Bullshit. Trump has made the Country properous and work wonders with N.Korea and kicked ISIL ASS. I don't give a shit about some Porn Bitch. What does the DEMOCRATIC PARTY have to offer besides petty dumb shit about Trump's personality. Kiss my ASS. Leave Trump alone. My 40k1 is stable,income tax check was fat,job bonus and I'm caught on my bills. You motherfuckers are driving away success without no plans of bringing greater success. I say it again,' KISS MY BLACK ASS.'

  12. It is hard to believe the level of self righteousness that reporters like April Ryan, have come down to. In regards to the improper personal conduct of multibillionaire and now President of her nation, Donald Trump , and the money paid to the prostitute and pornographer Daniels – covered by a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and signed through her Lawyer – she had the audacity to condemn the President's contradictions, concerning the payment of $130.000 to the prostitute, by bringing in  Bible text. She misquoted one of the Ten Commandments and said "Thou shall not lie", "thou shall not kill" about this. Is she believes to be such a good Christian, she – first – should quote the right words: 13 “You shall not murder.14 “You shall not commit adultery.15 “You shall not steal.16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.This goes for Van Jones, as well, who was dismissed for practicing reverse discrimination, when working for the Government. And second, she should know the US President's History, for Thomas Jefferson in France, and the well revered leader Martin Luther King , who was many times caught in adultery, prostitution and drugs, and hardly used Jesus Name in his preaching, when he did.Like Trump said: a which hunt, just like it happened in Salem, USA.

  13. Sara is not a dummy, she knows damn well what is going on.That said, I can understand her position (having to constantly evade the truth to protect Trump).

  14. Cheeto face bought fat face a hooker after this interview after he brownnosed entirely too much on this segment. I’m sure it was a yuge hooker too.

  15. Ok, it's obvious that Humpty-Trumpty is a compulsive liar, however, I can't help to think that something BIG, DANGEROUS (like the END-OF-WORLD) is going to happen.  This administration might be just a smokescreen, we could be very well be heading to the END.

  16. I have never heard of saying ''you don't know me'' as being an invocation to a fight, and I'm older than Sanders. Sanders was right, it was not Ryan's place to say Sarah was blind sighted. Maybe Sara thought "oh well"- It is opinion, and not fact, to say that Sanders was blind sighted, a point lost on the host of the show, too. Sarah rocks. April needs to be more professional.

  17. the stories coming out, your sources you make it up and lie about it no shame, you are suppose to ask what the president agenda is no your opinions so disgusting never watch cnn ever, so embarrassing attacking the secretary april you just like to spin it when it come to you dont like it. sick so sick and no shame keep screaming it helps alot.

  18. tell you why democrats disgusts me it is because hillary stole votes from bernie and that was acceptable for the practice of the democrats party my impressing is that democrats lie cheat steal kill whatever it takes i have seen for the first time in my life a real man guarding his house and all you democrats do is try to screw him over even though you can see what Trump is doing ,and how he is doing it is working

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