6 Party Games That People of All Ages Can Play!

Party Games

By Jack Barnes

A successful birthday bash or a success party does not have to be an extravagant affair. Being a host, you can plan some creative hilarious games that can keep your guests in the best of their moods. There are some insanely simple games that are fun at any age. Even some traditional games like musical chairs and blind man’s buff can be interesting for a family gathering. Here is a list of 6 creative party games that people of all ages can play.

  1. Giant Jenga

As a child, many of us have built towers using Lego kits. Lifesize Jenga games where you pull out the blocks turn by turn until the tower of blocks falls, can be a great hit among your peers in a party. Just ensure to buy a quality set with smooth surfaces. Jenga can be played among a small group of people and people of all age group can participate to make it more exciting.

  1. Act and React

Do you love movies and dramas? Well, this is the perfect party game for all the partygoers who are a complete lover of acting and dramas. The participants ransack their brains to come up with scenes or dialogues from movies, songs from their favourite singes or even names of movies, dramas and pen them down in a piece of paper which is mixed up with ideas from all the participants, and then a player is to choose from the bunch and enact it to everyone while all the other folks playing are to guess what the enacting is all about. The game keeps you pumped up throughout the event.

  1. Truths and Lies

Fascinating talks at the dinner table can be intriguing and a great way to network with strangers. However, some party games can leave an indelible mark down your memory lane. ‘Truths and Lies’ is such a game. Well it’s not your typical ‘truth or dare’ where the player has to tell the truth to the asked question or perform the crazy dares thrown towards him. Here a player writes some truths about his life or about anything particular along with a lie about it, and the rest are to guess the lie among the pile of truths. It is not only fun but can also reveal your secrets to others.

  1. Laughing Feats

Is it very easy to make you laugh? Are you risible? Then please play “laughing feats” very careful as the game is all about keeping a poker face for as long as you can while your opponent tries his best to make you laugh without any physical contact. This is very amusing and entertaining for the viewers and pumps up the spirit of a dying party. It keeps the partygoers at edge and can be played by people of all age groups.

  1. Feel the Food

As kids, we all love getting ourselves dirty and putting our hands in some unknown mess, and that is exactly what this game is about. The rules say to blindfold the player and make them put their hands in different food items like pasta, jellies, dessert, smashed tomatoes for the gooey thrills or a whole pineapple for a spiky poke. There’s nothing wrong for the grown-ups to behave as kids for once and this game will bring out the child in you keeping you all excited and thrilled about what you are going to touch and make you squeal in delight and horror.

  1. Tissue Jumping

Get ready to do some exercise as this game is the perfect blend of fun with some workout. Fill your empty tissue box with a few ping pong balls and tie it around the player’s waist and make him/her hop or shake or shimmy until all the balls are out. This is perfect for the enthusiastic energetic kids as well as for the lazy slacking adults. It can be played as a whole family without any age gap.

The adrenaline rush, the fun and the sense of achievement when you win in a game can get you away from weird thoughts in a party like your sartorial sense, your makeup, your formal attitude in dealing with people etc. The next time you are in a party, you can pick up a game suggested above to spruce up the environment and enjoy the moment.

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6 Party Games That People of All Ages Can Play!

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