Pippen Disagrees To T-Mac Saying Carmelo Anthony Should Come Off The Bench | The Jump

Pippen Disagrees To T-Mac Saying Carmelo Anthony Should Come Off The Bench | The Jump

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21 responses to “Pippen Disagrees To T-Mac Saying Carmelo Anthony Should Come Off The Bench | The Jump”

  1. Melo is a Hall of Famer already so please is not Melo’s fault…Respect Melo !✌🏽

  2. Melo still has something left is Westbrook fault that wants to be the hero all the time !

  3. They need Andre Roberson their starting lineup just disappear….

  4. He's done bring him off the bench

  5. Westbrook and Melos egos wobt work together in the long run. Someone is gonna crack first

  6. Melo is an iso ball hogging Slut, he was a cancerous in NY and it was a dumb decisions to trade Kanter for him …. Kanter already made a bigger impact on NY that he ever did.

  7. Melo just isn't a winner.

  8. If Mello had went to Houston he would have basically been green lit to shoot at will

  9. Carmelo Should go play with Toronto Raptors

  10. Anybody blaming any of the big 3 for losing is a lame. 100% the coaches fault like when cavs had every allstar under the sun but couldn't win a game. Coach fault. U not gonna tell me this cavs team is better than having IT Wade and rose coming off the bench.

  11. Come off the bench and ask for starters minutes problem solved.

  12. Melo is done, his defence it’s horrible and his skill set at this point is limited AF, he needs to come off the bench or get shipped somewhere that he can get his mojo back


  14. TMac was right

  15. Carmelo Anthony should retire. He never will win a professional championship. Should have learned from allen iverson.

  16. Carmelo has been crap all season. Overrated player.

  17. I don't know if he should be a bench guy but he better take that 28 mil..
    I wouldn't care if they bought me in off the moon….this is his last

  18. Yeah! Why put trash melo coming off the bench when u could just let him go

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