Political News with Mike Muse 5/9/18

Today Mike Muse focused on the Iran Nuclear Deal and what we can expect as a result of the United States exit from the agreement. You don’t want to miss the economic, political, and diplomatic breakdown. Let us know your thoughts.


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7 thoughts on “Political News with Mike Muse 5/9/18

  1. The United States the greatest country in America. Can we put sanctions on Israel a country who shoots unarmed protesters and a country who the US has armed with nuclear weapons. Who made America the greatest threat to democracy in the Middle East and a country who has broken more treaties then any other country be the voice of freedom. Fuck the US government if they really cared for human safety they would stop arming the Saudi's with weapons to kill innocent lives in Yemen. And why is everyones excuse for Obama well he couldn't get it through because they blocked him at every turn. All Donald Trump has done has shown how ignorant the US public can be. I find it really funny that the one of the two countries that support Donald's decision to pull out was involved in funding the terrorist responsible with 9/11 and the other country is responsible with the slow genocide of the Palestinian people, And the only people to call his decisions good foreign policies are Americans.

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