President Trump Thanks Kanye West! | TMZ Live

Th Pres. took a second to thank Kanye for raising his black votes.


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26 thoughts on “President Trump Thanks Kanye West! | TMZ Live

  1. Black people need to open their eyes whites are not the only enemy in America. There are other races besides whites and there is also blacks that are the enemy. You have countries that do not like America and think how racist whites think about blacks and they hold high paying positions in the job market and hire their own.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooooo kanye getting the blks off the democrats plantations or showing them they ARE allowed to think as individuals and it dont have to be all group think that get down or lay down mentality is not working anymore noooooooooooooo well since blks waking up to the globalist plans guess the democrats have to open the borders n get new voters that would drink the koo aid n tell them vote for us we'll give i instant citizenship, food stamps n everything for free just bring us back to power 🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  3. "Trump can't even win properly"… Some loser says about a billionaire who became president even though the media has non-stop attacked him lol… YA OK.

  4. TMZ, the fact you've taken the president saying his poll numbers with African Americans has increased, and attempted to turn that into something negative… Then to have the triggered dude who didn't want to hug Kanye spewing his nonsense political opinions to justify a pointless critique… It's sad you're the go to news source got a majority of people. You're not edgy. You're part of the system of oppression being used against free thought.

  5. TMZ is a bunch of anti America traitors. Stfu about the president and support the man who has done so much for this country. TMZ is a bunch of fools… You're racist and a disgrace to everyone in America. I can't wait till you guys get shut down for your racist redorich and false negative propoganda….

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