Pretty Wicked Moms: Amzie’s Super Sweet Second Birthday (S1, E2) | Full Episode | Lifetime

The Moms break out the sequins, stilettos and short skirts to attend the event of the season–a toddler’s birthday party. Alpha Mom Nicole B. gets some jaw-dropping news in Season 1, Episode 2, “Amzie’s Super Sweet Second Birthday”. #PrettyWickedMoms
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Do the girls we love to hate in High School become the women we love to hate as adults? Do these women swap competing for the quarterback for competing for Pre-Ks, playdates and PTAs once they have kids? Yup. Once a meanie, always a conniving meanie.PRETTY WICKED MOMS is an explosive docu-soap that follows the lives of two former “”Mean Girls,”” Miranda and Emily, as they outwit and out-scheme their frenemies in ritzy Buckhead, an upwardly mobile suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. These Queen Bees of their social cliques in High School have evolved into Mean Moms who reign their social set and families as well as their Pre-K Fundraising Committees. They dominate rivals, overwhelm their wealthy husbands, and nothing will stop them from driving their babies and toddlers to the top of the competitive foodchain.

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