Watch: Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo [Documentary]

03 Greedo

03 Greedo pioneers a new hybrid of rap music, infusing his lyrical and melodic tracks with his intense pain and tragic story. Taking a deep dive into his world and music, Greedo and Noisey present Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedoa new documentary. Compiled with never-before-seen footage and interviews with Greedo and his associates, the new documentary follows the Alamo Records signee to his home neighborhood of Watts, California. In a succinct, but in-depth 20 minutes, the doc takes us from the project apartment where Greedo once slept on the floor, to the sold out concert hall where he performed his final pre-prison concert. The doc also touches on the social injustices that plague his Watts neighborhood and examines the inequities of America’s prison-industrial complex. Through it all, Greedo is a magnetic and ultimately uplifting presence, focused on being the artist he knows he can be, even in the face of unimaginable adversity. Enjoy this video stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo arrives ahead of Still Summer In The Projects, Greedo’s upcoming album. Executive produced by MustardStill Summer In The Projects is Greedo’s first new project since beginning a prison sentence last summer. Behind the boards for every track, Mustard upgrades and refines the sound that dominated pop music, complementing his signature handclaps and hi-hat rolls with bouncy synths and liquid keys. Ever an unconventional emcee, Greedo approaches the beats from odd angles, sliding entrancing melodic lines squarely within the instrumental’s negative space. Spanning 11 songs, Still Summer In the Projects displays the versatility and variety typical of a Greedo project, ranging from wavy trap ballads like “Gettin Ready,” to ferocious and cocky street tales like “Bet I Walk,” and more. The project culminates in the gorgeous closing track “Visions,” which finds Greedo reflecting on his prison sentence and envisioning his comeback, ending with a confessional delivered by Greedo through a prison phone. Featuring Mustard behind the boards for every track, and with appearances from YG, on the Rolling Stone-premiered single “Wasted,” Shoreline Mafia, who appear on album highlight “Trap House” (2.6 million views on YouTube), and TrillianoStill Summer In the Projects arrives on April 19th via Alamo/Interscope/10 Summers.

Last month, 03 Greedo and Alamo Records unveiled “#LettersToGreedo,” a new website and social media initiative. Aggregating the best posts by Greedo fans who use the hashtag #LettersToGreedo on their social media posts, the new website is a testament to the passion of fans of Greedo, who is currently serving a prison sentence in Amarillo, Texas. A select few of the most passionate and creative #LettersToGreedo posters will earn an audio response from Greedo himself. Fans will also have the ability to submit audio or text directly to the website, and will be able to leave messages for Greedo at tel:432-216-2294. Promoted by Greedo’s artistic peers, including YGMustard, and OhGeesy of ShorelineMafia, and arriving with two new pieces of 03 Greedo merchandise, #LettersToGreedo is currently accepting submissions.

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Props to Noisey

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Watch: Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo [Documentary]


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