R. Kelly was Secretly Recorded, Blames Woman Suing him for STD | TMZ

R. Kelly was schooling the 20-year-old woman who sued him for allegedly getting her high on drugs and booze and then giving her an STD, saying she needs to accept the fact that she was somehow in the wrong.

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37 thoughts on “R. Kelly was Secretly Recorded, Blames Woman Suing him for STD | TMZ

  1. Str8 💩……🚶 Sound like he can smash again if he wanted to. She sound like she cant wait for confirmation for a flight to the Chi. Just saying. She go see him. He Fucking.

  2. Look my Kellz,im trying to stay rocking with you BUUUUUT you keep fukn up man… Why would you talk to an ACCUSER via phone my dawg?and then you FINALLY gets a feeling towards the ending of the call? You shouldn't be talking to homegirl in first place man… SMH. 🤦….KELLZ? SMH… 😂 LOL

  3. And what is this supposed to prove actually? What's your point TMZ? You mother fukkers are grasping for straws that's what the f*** you're doing who gives a f*** who he's f*****they like it or they wouldn't be f***** with him they parents didn't give a f*** what they would have sent them with him they just want money and y'all just want to destroy his credibility and his name and break him down! You should do something about this long time ago.

  4. They try to throw stones on top of the Sears Tower.. but you can't get R. Kelly down. This was a normal conversation. Stupid medias always trying to ruin this genius.

  5. how do you SUE someone for giving you an STD…. imean you can have them go to jail, but SUE…?… like for MONEY>?
    PS that def sounds like R. Kelly he has a distinct accent the way he pronounces words

  6. Trying to intimidate female bout r u back in other words have you straighten out yet she should say yeah back to lawyer to sue you for infecting me

  7. Why does the picture look like he doesn't have any teeth? When ya'll go after a BLACK MAN y'all really go all in. I wonder who R. Kelly has in his little black book? I bet a lot of celebs trick or have tricked with those young ladies. Hugh Hefner does it and it's a mansion; another guy does it and it's a ranch; R. Kelly does it and it's a cult. Let that sink in.

  8. What’s so wrong with the conversation? It’s a normal conversation. Until I can see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears that rkelly is doing something wrong than I will go off of that. The one thing I hate the most is rumors. I love facts!

  9. This recording proves nothing. If he's holding them hostage how is he in another city asking her if she back and she's thinking about it??? Starting to feel this is about money same as always.

  10. also if you really listen he is saying to her about her responsibility and he was trying to teach het to be a yong lady if someone gave me a std i wouldn't be that calm i smell another women jumping on the bandwagon like the usher case

  11. what did he admit to i dont hear anything incriminating against him. besides a conversation stating you have to come talk to me a told you about my schedule

  12. Kelly will you ever learn.. young women that runs behind Fortune when things don't go your way, then you lash out . when you play the game there's no telling what will happen. if you was old enough to get into the game you should be old enough to get out of the game. I know about being forced into things that I do not want to do. But. when the opportunity presents itself to get away from someone you do it. I don't care if you say you're going to the bathroom and you skip out the door. when your in a public place, that's your exit. too get help. it see to me you found a eay out. when things was not going your way. my point. so that mean you did not wat out.

  13. Im trying to figure out how
    human beings with large amounts
    of cash are still walking around with
    sexual transmitted diseases that the
    government says is incurable but if You
    look further than the bounds of the United
    States you might see different …

  14. they all looking at his pass and not what he is bout to lose in the process i mean dame everybody who was round him only see him in as a mill ticket even the women who lied to him just for the money now he should sue her azz for secretly recording him without his consent and if these so called parents knew what he was doing all alone why in the hell would they accept anything from him or even passed a children or other people off to him anyway just to get the money off of him like he's cash cow but we all got to realize that he is human to just like everyone else and has a family to that just doesn't make any sense to me at he has kids to so why rob him of his right's until see proof then im not buying it at all until etc that's how I look at it

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