R. Kelly & XXXTentacion React To Spotify’s Decision + ‘Drunk In Love’ Producer Accused Of Rape

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R. Kelly & XXXTentacion React To Music Being Pulled Off Spotify Playlists

Producer Detail Accused Of Rape

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45 thoughts on “R. Kelly & XXXTentacion React To Spotify’s Decision + ‘Drunk In Love’ Producer Accused Of Rape

  1. I can not believe all of these people are up here defending R. Kelly. I'm not judging him, but he has sex with 14 year old girls and likes to pee on them. This is too much. I adore all of his music but come on y'all. Don't be blind to what he's all about.

  2. He wasn't convicted that doesn't mean he didn't do it… O. J. Simpson? Hello.. R Kelly deserves some type of punishment… Good looking out Spotify!

  3. i think what all thiz artice should do is stop fucking wit thiz girls in they hotel room and studios, what you think they going to do when you stop fucking wit them

  4. Why y'all using MUGSHOTS. I thought y'all were repping the CULTURE. Hot97 need Donkey of the day for being apart of the Side bar agenda trying to discredit the image of Melenated people. Take off the MUGSHOT

  5. That's not fair. Playlist are where a lot of people go on spotify and stream listens count nowadays. So pulling them from playlist in a big deal. PLUS these are just allegations. Maybe if they got convicted, then sure, pull there stuff. But as of right now, you can't do that. Allegations shouldn't mess with anyone's money, because anyone can make allegations about someone.

  6. I see people coming forward but its turning into a race issue because its seems black men are become the face of sexual harassment and abuse. Where are the white males to face punishment too. This should be an equal treatment

  7. I don't understand people defending Spotify saying "It's there choice" yes of course it is, But its a matter of principal now, because this could quite easily set in motion a chain of events to start not promoting people because of their history or Allegations, Which is absurd considering the whole idea around law is "Innocent until proven guilty" right? I don't understand at all why they would stop promoting, when they clearly had no issue promoting them before, as XXX was on multiple Rap playlists with millions of plays a week. I understand they can choose who to promote but at the same time its not about preference, they promote the people with the most views, if they say they promote people who are making "good" music then you can't say its a massive coincidence the pushed music is all from well known artists with huge followings. This doesn't seem to be a "Choice" this is directed punishment for allegations and people's pasts.

  8. Hmm so only r.kelly and xxtentation…if we're going by allegations, then there are many rock and pop songs that have to get pulled off by this standard, not just the rapper and r&b guy..also if sixnine music is still there then you can tell its still all about the money because he's currently popular and is selling alot of music but yet he obviously did have sex with an underage girl, but hey he's currently popular so I bet they let him slide so they can get their money, if his music is on there that is….but singling out these two guys makes no sense

  9. Damn he touched my Love Tinashe 😢 buy women gotta stop being okay with it when it’s benefiting them and then when they no longer making money off the deals they had they seem to wanna tell than. If this happens to you tell on them immediately waiting only makes you seem like you’re lying it’s okay to wait a few days maybe a week or two to gather your thoughts & feelings but don’t wait YEARS later. Makes you all seem shady like y’all just going with the trend if this happened I hope he gets what he deserves, I also hope this wasn’t something that happened years ago.

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