Racism Then vs. Racism Now — Will Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman” Make A Difference?

Jordan Peele and Spike Lee teamed up to bring “BlacKkKlansman” to the big screen — the true story about a Black police detective who infiltrated the Klu KLux Klan in the 70s. And the hope in all of us is that the film will make those with hate-filled hearts rethink their racism.


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Dame Dash Releases DISTURBING Information About Lyor Cohen?!?!

Fri Aug 10 , 2018
On Wednesday (August 8), Dash made an appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast to continue airing his grievances. At the 1 hour and 34-minute mark, Budden asked, “What exactly is a culture vulture, and why is Lyor one?” Follow Our Podcast Here Dash cleared his throat to ramp up his six-minute response slamming YouTube’s Global Head of Music. “A culture vulture is someone that exploits the culture that he’s not a part of, doesn’t benefit the culture and takes care of his culture, and has no respect for the culture he’s exploiting,” Dash said. He added, “And that’s why Lyor is one because he’s been making money off of our culture: he is not part of it, he’s been exploiting it. Never helping, teaching or anything, doing what’s in the best interest of his own pocket over the culture. And to add insult to injury, he is not accepted in his own culture. He cannot get no money in his own culture so he comes to ours, acts like a big cat, pretends we need him when we don’t.” More Videos About Dame Dash click here Pre-order TK Kirkland New Hip Hop Comedy Here : ******************************************************************** GET YOUR BEAT HEADPHONES HERE! ********************************************************************** The Latest Hip Hop News, Viral Headlines, And Breaking stories. News Updated Daily! ********************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE TO HIP HOP UNCENSORED HERE: ********************************************************************** Check Out Our Website: Follow Us On Instagram: Follow Us On Twitter: Like Our Facebook Page: