RALO UPDATE: Ralo Pleads Not Guilty to All Charges

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34 thoughts on “RALO UPDATE: Ralo Pleads Not Guilty to All Charges

  1. Atlanta has fucked up laws man and the cops crooked as fuck. I pleaded not guilty to my charges and they still fined my ass! I still got my car, but the judges believe the holice over you every time. Norcross Police and Chamblee write bogus tickets and they lie on you to meet their quota. Atlanta Police are terrible! They will plant shit on you just to take you to jail

  2. I wonder how ralo let this happen to him when he got priceless friends like scooter who got songs like "dirty game". Scooter dropped all that game on his mixtapes and ralo aint even listen. Smh. Im pissed.

  3. A lot of ppl don’t know weed is still federally illegal in states it’s legal in.. so if the FEDS really want to be dicks they can seize operations in places like Cali and Seattle

  4. He claims to be a big heroin dealer when people say how great he is giving money to the homeless and letting people stay for free at his apartment. They're homeless from the heroin he sells. Think about what he has done

  5. U can't be a rapper and still be doing shit on the streets, remember bobby schmurda. After the first bust he should have known he was being watched.

  6. Yoooo we all seen the interview this man put the feds on him his self he said his self him and his crew started a drug empire like wtf

  7. If he put it in a corporation. They can still take it. Putting shit in a corporation does not shield it from Federal prosecution when it’s used to hide illegal assets. You can actually get more time for doing that. The more you go through to conceal it. The more you are facing. If he would have put in under the name of a friends legally successful corporation. They would arrest his friend to. By Rolo driving that car all the time and saying it his. Its grounds for concealing.

  8. You say they keep your assets aka cars if they are sezied and you plead guilty Bro Federal Law is the same everywhere. You keep running fed into state. He can get his cars back if he pleads guilty. It all depends on what they negotiate in his plea. Some people could afford expensive things legally before they started doing illegal shit. They look at all that.

  9. The feds have a high conviction rate because most people don't fight and dont have the money to fight. If he just lost a M hopefully he saved another M for times like now.

  10. Jordan it weird how you know what so call evidence they have. When they have not released it. You are doing nothing but using spectulation as the truth. Please study law before you talk about this man.

  11. Damn lil Ralo done 4… I hope he beat the case but when the feds come the paper work been submitted the feds don’t loss cases. They got more then enough to put him away for 15+

  12. ralo should've shipped it back like niggas told his ass to do out here he wanna floss on us northern kali niggas and pop up in a private jet at the smf and shit he know sac the capital of kali them people outhere not playing blood

  13. 98% conviction rate, When the Feds come they show no mercy. Rico Act is 25yrs alone & they auction off everything they seized.

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