Ralph Macchio and William Zabka had awkward lunches on the Cobra Kai set

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Author: celeboftea

35 thoughts on “Ralph Macchio and William Zabka had awkward lunches on the Cobra Kai set

  1. I cannot tell you how much I loves seeing Season 1 of Cobra Kai. Please bring it back. The story telling and chemistry was on point. I was and still remain a huge fan. Thank you very much for bringing a lil magic of my childhood into the 21st century.
    Go Cobra Kai!!

  2. WZ trained in a Korean style and RM in Okinawan. That figures! Each art reprsents different characteristics; WZ = more kicks and dynamic energy, RM = more grounded and shorter range techniques.

  3. This is great, they get writers that loved the original series and this is a great continue of it, very nice to watch and funny parts too, there is such a big difference to the original Star Wars and the writers now who want to push political correctness and make up mary sues and kill off all the original cast in a terrible way, I am happy they are passionate about it and have done a great Job bringing back the original cast and introducing the new generation into it! well done 🙂

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