RAW : Welcome To Hoodstock (teaser trailer)

RAW : Welcome To Hoodstock (teaser trailer)

Crazy Hood Film Academy present

Raw : Welcome To Hoodstock

A documentary film directed by Micheal Garcia and produced by DJ EFN.

This is not the official movie trailer but a teaser to the official trailer.

This documentary is about the true story about the infamous Raul Medina aka DJ Raw and his mid 90’s Hip Hop concert series “Hoodstock” in Miami’s inner city. This is a rise and fall story about a key figure in Miami’s early Hip Hop history. The documentary covers the rise of DJ RAW and his gang “The KO Posse”, their concert series which was a first for Miami and brought the likes of The Fugees, KRS one, Wu-Tang, MOP, Busta Rhymes, Boot Camp Clik,Tribe Called Quest, Xzibit, Ice-T, and many more and the well publicized fall of Raw and his crew with a multi agency investigation that put DJ Raw behind bars for 10 years of his life. He was convicted of charges ranging from murder to narcotics distribution. The film Cocaine Cowboys gave insight into Miami’s criminal culture in the 1980’s, this film gives similar insight of Miami in the 1990’s.

Genre: Documentaries, Criminal Documentaries, Music Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries

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