Real Talk with Van Jones

TV host and activist Van Jones tells us about his CNN show, “The Van Jones Show”.

Plus, Van weighs in on the latest Hot Topics. Find out what he thinks about Kanye West’s rant, the #MuteRKelly movement and Meek Mill being released from prison.
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29 thoughts on “Real Talk with Van Jones

  1. Anyone else notice how Wendy got Van to swoosh right by his 'this judge' point (in regards to Meek Mill? The same judge Wendy said was innocent of all wrong doing and actually apologized to on air? The judge that turns out to be just as conniving, corrupt and amoral as originally stated? Mmm hmmm…..

  2. I like Van. He seems to get a lot flack for being married to a white woman, but there is something sexy about a smart educated man, who isn't bad to look at. Lol

  3. Jahnes love Wendy. I LOVE that Green shirt! I sure hope and pray that it's part of your collection-coz I gotta get it. Anyway, thanks for having Van Jones. I read his book and he is a great communicator. I sure wish that you would ask him about being pushed out of the White House during the 1st Obama term because Fox News accused him of being a Communist. (Karl Marx' born day is May 5!) Anyway, He would have done some great works as a Green Job Csar. I and millions or billions of folks in the U.S. and around the world need employment which would provide us with a Living Wage, and give us hope in a brighter future. The Sustainable Economy needs an advocate in a powerful post at the White House and he gave up so easily. I expected more fight in him but he chose to cower to Obama and his bullies. And folks like me lost. Blessed love.

  4. Wendy I am so loving your video uploads though sometimes I wish you had an option on YouTube for CC option icon to press …closed caption for the hearing impaired ? Perhaps…just saying.

  5. They recently arrested 8 to 12 college students on the campus of William and Mary for selling and distributing narcotics, plus a faculty affiliate. More to be arrested as the investigation continues. They only showed it once on television. Somehow the media kept it out of the national news.

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