Reasons to sell your songs on iTunes

Reasons to sell your songs on iTunes

By Jack Barnes

If music is your profession and you contribute to making new music, you must sell them. It not only gets you money but boosts your spirit to work harder. For years, many artists have not received the limelight they deserved. With the help social media platforms, the game has reversed. Similarly, Apple has also given us a platform where we can sell our music. You must turn to iTunes to share your work with people who will buy the music you make. It will yield earning, fame, and fuel you to get better. Check out all the reasons to put your music on iTunes.

  1. Earnings

It is sad how most people turn to pirated music and download them from various sites online. iTunes is a platform that lets people share their work and get paid for it. Selling your music on iTunes will not only help you earn money but also cut down on chances of piracy. No one can randomly find your track online and just download it for free.

  1. Reputation

iTunes gives you a good reputation along with giving you an opportunity to earn. If you promote an image on your Facebook page that states that you track are on iTunes, you get more attention. This is simply because people take you more seriously when you collaborate with such platforms. Learn more as you click here and get music on iTunes with ease.

  1. Reach out to more people

iTunes is a huge platform for people who aspire to create music. If you have a musical band but you haven’t got the right platform, this is ideal for you. You simply need to start talking about what you do and share it with the people who already know you. Boost your posts on social media so that more people know about your song on iTunes. Suppose, you play a new song for the first time at a concert, you can tell people that the song is out on iTunes and they can download it. People who like it will buy it and you’ll get the rewards.

  1. Easy distribution

When you have a platform that helps you post your song on iTunes, you have another aspect covered. You are sure to have a streamlined process of making your song reach out to the audience with easy distribution. You simply need to collaborate with people who help you get your songs put up on the platform and reap all the benefits.

  1. Cheap

One of the best parts about posting your music online is that it is way cheaper than it was before. You simply need to collaborate with a company that can post your music online. They charge your nominal or don’t charge you anything at all. There is a slight percentage that you giveaway when your music is bought. It works out for both you and the distribution company.

How does the distribution company work?

When you collaborate with a distribution company who can get your songs on iTunes, they will tell you all the steps they follow. Check them out in brief below:

  1. Collaboration

You first speak to them and tell them about your requirement. The number of songs you want to post that can range from one track to an album. Know about their charges (if any) and what they promise to offer you.

  1. Distribution

There are sites that will offer free music distribution to iTunes that include the UPC & ISRC codes. They help you retain 100% copyright of your work and you back around 90% of your royalties. Know how long they take to put your music onboard and if they offer personal support or not.

  1. More platforms

Music distributors will not just work with one platform. You might find more platforms so you can expand it after your music is on iTunes. Platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Napster, and Spotify are other options to look out for.

  1. Payment

Know about their payment policies to ensure how and when you will get the money yielding from your songs. Most companies offer PayPal transfers as it is the most convenient way of sending money across.

  1. Ask questions

You can have many more doubts that are not listed out here. If you think there is anything you are missing out on, feel free to clarify. If you have doubts, you might not want to share your music with people you don’t know. These are confidential aspects and you need an evidence of trust.

Choosing an ideal music distribution company will help you get through. When you collaborate with a company, ask all your questions and have your doubts resolves. Know the time by when you can find your music published on iTunes and the potential of your earnings. Check if they can help you promote your music or follow their tips to get a better response.

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Reasons to sell your songs on iTunes

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