Reliving Outrageous MET Gala looks

The Met Gala is always extravagant and sometimes a little kooky. Celebs really go out for the yearly event. Whether that’s Lady Gaga doing a three costume change on the red carpet or Rihanna dressed as a bejeweled pope, it can get pretty wild. Cardi B has impressed with a red ruby-studded camp dress and her Madonna and Child gown. Then there’s Beyonce and J. Lo who have left little to the imagination with their sexy and sheer ensembles. Zendaya has rocked both the Cinderella and Joan of Arc look and Kim Kardashian surprised fans with her full cover-up bodysuit and her floral maternity dress. Katy Perry nailed camp with her chandelier look and Janelle Monae delivered with her winking picasso-inspired dress. Lil Nas X also made good use of the three outfit trick. Rihanna has impressed quite a number of times, from her canary yellow robe dress to her raven black avant garde look. Grimes paid tribute to Dune and showed up with a sword, and Jared Leto had heads turning with a replica of his own head. AOC meanwhile turned the whole event on its head with a political message. Solange get optical, as in optical illusion with her own dress.


00:17 Rihanna’s Pope Look
00:49 Cardi B’s Red Dress
01:26 Beyonce’s See Through Gown
02:03 Zendaya’s Cinderella Look
02:27 Kim Kardashian’s Covered Up Ensemble
03:07 Lady Gaga’s red carpet dress change
03:37 Katy Perry’s Chandelier Look
04:03 Janelle Monae Stopping the Show
04:37 Lil Nas X’s Three Versace Looks
05:16 Rihanna’s Balenciaga Show Stopper
05:39 Grimes being…Grimes
06:10 Dan Levy’s Custom-Made Look
06:42 Jared Leto and Jared Let’s Head
07:15 AOC’s Political Message
07:48 Riri’s Yellow Look
08:25 Cardi B’s Madonna and Child
08:51 Zendaya as Joan of Arc
09:13 Kim K’s Flower–Covered Maternity Gown
09:45 J-Lo Bearing it All
10:13 Solange Knowles’ Optical Illusion dress

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Written by: Lori Barkin
Narrated by: Lori Barkin
Edited by: Ernand Steven Suñe

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