Reporter to Sanders: Were you lying or in the dark?

White House reporters press White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on contradictory statements she has given about President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen’s payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.


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33 thoughts on “Reporter to Sanders: Were you lying or in the dark?

  1. This is so painful to watch, Trump should just go on record and tell the truth instead of watching his cronies get roasted over and over again. You are just delaying the inevitable anyway, we all know this.

  2. Where in the world is this "outside counsel" I feel like that person should be in the room instead of her answering all these questions!

  3. Is it just me or is she totally cocky and condescending while her lies are still fresh "the president has denied these allegations" … "we've addressed this issue multiple times" … yada yada yada and then once it's proven that she's been flat out bullshitting the country the whole time (and being a total snot about it I might add) it's then "I was using the best information I had at the time". If she had one single shred of self respect she'd resign before she embarrasses herself and her family any further (sadly we all know she doesn't have a shred of self respect) so lie on sista … lie on.

  4. cnn is a total joke . all this liberal news is based on disruption and distraction. its so obvious .political bullshit no talk about the economy or any other news that's noteworthy for the American people.

  5. She didn't want to admit she was in the dark cuse the burn she got in the Dinner that her shade were the ashes of the lies she burned were stil hurting too much.

  6. Sarah Sanders' credibility … 165K per year … the fact that she'll probably never work again after Trump finishes torching her career for her with his constant lies (which then become her constant lies) … PRICELESS!!! LOL BUH BYE FELICIA

  7. I have no comment on that, we are still finalizing today's lies, and when we make them up, I'll let you know the current lie as it becomes available. Subject to future change and revisions of course, as new lies are needed to cover any discrepancies that become obvious in our current lies, which we will then claim to have never said in the first place.

  8. 16:56 Reporter: "Does the president believe he is above the Law?" Sarah Sanders: "No."

    She answered that question pretty quickly! I think it is the only straightforward answer. Everything else is "ask the White House Counsel" or "I don't know."

  9. Sarah Huckfck, kelyanne conjob, the "president" .. professionals liars in the oval office. America is fcked and putin is popping vodka bottles and laughing his ass off. he succeeded "bigly" in controlling the dumb american voter and selecting their "president"

  10. The alarm sounded long time ago when Obama and Hillary let ambassador Stevens die Hillary's pay to play giving away 20% of our uranium for a big huge profit Comey having all the proof and dishonor ating her and calling it a matter and saying it was extremely careless of her and letting her go sounded the biggest alarm of all I would have fired him long before that and it is his right it's in the Constitution that he can fire anybody in the Justice Department FBI or CIA and not have to explain them self you are one stupid person that don't know the law are the reality if it bit you in the ass

  11. mike huckabee must be so proud to have raised such a blatant liar. if there's an anti-christ, this is the varsity team.

  12. yea, trump really gives a crap about puerto rico. idk how sanders sleeps at night; takes a lot of prayers to be a complete liar.
    I'm sure St. Peter will welcome them with open arms.

  13. Let me save all of you some time. She says, "I don't know," "I'm going to have to refer you to outside counsel," "I couldn't tell you," and "I gave as accurate info as I had at the time." Her job has been reduced to 30 minutes sessions of deflection. Sad to see what our White House as become.

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