Revealing The Oscars Red Carpet Secrets

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Stars will go to great lengths for red carpet events but when it’s the Oscars, hold onto your hats! The amount of preparation that goes into one night out of the year is truly astounding. Stylists begin dressing their clients as soon as nominations are announced and for at least one month ahead of time, Oscar attendees diet and exercise to assure a nice, toned physique for their elegant looks and outfits. Speaking of the outfit, designers and stars are partnered months in advance to choose “the look.” Before debuting a dress down the red carpet, celebs will practice poses and ensure that the bright, flashing lights don’t reveal more than they intended. As for skin, oh baby! Botox and fillers are a common go-to, as are facials and treatments. Hair, though still high-maintenance, can afford to get a little greasy for prep, so long as a fresh cut and color are in place. And for as much attention as the dress gets, you’d be surprised to hear that feet get equal attention. From acrylic toe nails, to heels a size bigger than normal, celebs want to look and feel great from head to toe when strutting that red carpet. To assure they don’t fall, there’s the ol’ sandpaper to the bottom of the shoe trick which has kept countless stars from tripping on their way to receive their oscar. Gaffer’s tape and sweaty highlighter also make appearances to ensure flawless photo and looks to die for on the most important night of the year.


00:00 Intro
00:29 Prep
01:11 Outfit
02:02 Coverage
02:38 And… Pose!
03:09 Skincare
03:44 Hair Prep
04:14 Acrylic Toe Nails
04:45 Face Tape
05:13 Sweaty Highlighter
05:59 Diaper Rash Cream??
06:30 Exfoliation
07:10 Gaffer’s Tape??
07:50 Sandpaper Soles
08:31 Size Up!
09:01 Soap The Zipper
09:43 End

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Written by: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Narrated by: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Edited by: Carolina Jimenez Franco

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