Revealing The Stranger Things Actors Real Ages

Revealing The Stranger Things Actors Real Ages

With the return of Stranger Things season 4, we can’t believe how different the cast looks from the first season! The kids are all grown up!

We’re revealing the ACTUAL ages of the Stranger Things cast and SOME of these real ages may surprise you.

Actresses Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown aren’t THAT far off from their on-screen character’s ages. But some of the stars on Stranger Things have a pretty heft age gap between themselves and their fictional characters. Any guesses which star has a nearly ten-year age gap with their character?

Just like in Stranger Things, not everything is what you expect. And the ages of the Stranger Things cast follow the same rule. Did any of these actors’ ages surprise you?

Do you think any of them are too old to still be playing school kids? Let us know what you think in the comments and subscribe to TheThings Celebrity for more about your favorite stars!


00:26 Millie Bobby Brown
01:06 Finn Wolfhard
01:30 Sadie Sink
01:56 Gatan Matarazzo
02:22 Noah Schnapp
02:52 Joe Keery
03:11 Caleb Mclaughlin
03:33 Natalie Dyer
03:52 Maya Hawke
04:17 Priah Ferguson

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