RHONY: Bethenny to Dorinda: “You’re a Drunk” (Season 10, Episode 6) | Bravo

RHONY: Bethenny to Dorinda: “You’re a Drunk” (Season 10, Episode 6) | Bravo

Bethenny Frankel expresses her concerns to Dorinda Medley. Watch new episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City, Wednesdays at 9/8c, only on Bravo! #RHONY
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This season on The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny is healthy and happy, and the little pieces of her life are coming back together now that she is finally divorced—but a feud with Ramona threatens her peace. Meanwhile, age is nothing but a number as Ramona celebrates her birthday looking better than ever. She’s dating and teaching the other ladies how to pick up men. After taking some heat for living in Bethenny’s shadow, Carole makes a strong effort to build her relationship with the other women, leading to some surprising connections. Tension between Dorinda and Sonja is at an all-time high, with Sonja making accusations about Dorinda’s personal life. Dorinda may forgive, but she never forgets. Sonja is caught in a love triangle and must decide whether to go with the man who moves her heart or the man who moves her other parts. And new housewife Tinsley Mortimer, still reeling from a shocking run-in with the law, returns to the Big Apple, where it all began for her. Tinsley’s ready to start her next chapter, but will the girl who once had it all get it all back again?

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RHONY: Bethenny to Dorinda: “You’re a Drunk” (Season 10, Episode 6) | Bravo



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30 thoughts on “RHONY: Bethenny to Dorinda: “You’re a Drunk” (Season 10, Episode 6) | Bravo

  1. Bethany is always talking about herself and when she's not you can almost see her brain clicking away making judgements about others. She has zero social intelligence. I think it's very interesting how in the US this type of person excels (Ramona is another one like that). In Europe, this personal characteristic is really frowned upon. How can you have empathy with others when you spend your whole time preparing for your time to speak? Also, you would never say something like that to a friend so publicly.

  2. Dorinda is a mean drunk. She was awful 2Sonja at Luann's home. I believe Dorinda needs rehab & therapy bc she still misses her husband. Bethenny is 100% right. The best way 2tell a friend the truth is by not sugar coating it! Addicts Luv 2manipulate! Like her or not Bethenny did the right thing!!

  3. Bethanny has a clear eating disorder,that is why she didnt Jules who was open about it.She was scared ,too cloose too home.And god forbid someone labels The Label Queen Bethanny!

  4. I used to be Team Bethenny. I loved her honesty. Now she is just brutal and self righteous. Maybe a lot of money does that to some people.

  5. I used to like Bethanny. Not so much, now. She seems to be the morality police. And she treats every one like her employee. I was really happy for her success, but now, she acts like she's better than all of het friends. You're not, BTW. You seem insecure. Not a good look.

  6. Here she goes again… the worst behaved, nastiest, self absorbed, hypocritical and delusional housewife in all the entire franchises….trying to humiliate and preach to another victim AGAIN! Please get this hidious woman off our our screens. There is something seriously wrong with her.

  7. This episode was hard to watch, I will be honest and say I watch rhony and rhobh etc for the escapism, the real estate the clothes accessories etc the characters. I feel a lot of empathy for those poor people in the hurricane etc but we see it on the news I need my fix of escapism from the real world problems anyone else feel like this? (runs and hides)

  8. You don't be invited to a business dinner and as a guest you attack the CEO or whatever he is! She obviously was the only one there wasted! Bethany had every right to feel embarrassed! On the other hand, Bethany is annoying! She never shuts up! She is too bossy and foul mouthed! She needs a new word other than vaginia!

  9. Continuing the rant from my previous post Bethenny also loved the fact she was the one to tell Luanne about her bone head fiancé kissing a woman in a bar prior to their marriage. The woman is evil incarnate

  10. Dorinda drinks too much… WHEN she drinks. She’s not a drunk.
    Bethenny on the other hand is drunk on judgment. How about YOU don’t apologize and be a better friend. You’re mean when you’re not drinking. You’re scary when you’re sober. But let someone else make a mistake and Bethenny is all over it with an amateur diagnosis no less.
    She couldn’t wait to tell Luann I told u so.
    No wonder Carol seeks kindness in Tinsley. Even when Bethenny compliments, she doesn’t smile. It’s like someone pushes a button and it just comes out of her mouth without her knowing.
    Leave Dorinda alone!

  11. Bethenny is mean judgemental and condescending towards everyone that’s why she has no real friends she’s like a mean abusive husband yes Dorinda drinks a lot but there’s better ways to address it

  12. Bethenny needs to learn how to be tactful when speaking to others. She is condescending, judgemental and mean. Stay in your lane and fix your own issues, Bethany. You're no prize, drunk or sober.

  13. If your drinking becomes a problem for yourself and others then you absolutely DO have a drinking problem. There is no doubt Dorinda has issues with alcohol because, let's be honest, if she could control it don't you think that she wouldn't at least let herself be caught on film drunk so much? To me, that shows there's a problem. Bethany is very tolerant of her, I give her credit, I don't think that I could of been. Get some real help Dorinda and stop deflecting.

  14. Now that I saw the whole episode,, Bethany admits that she was drinking the whole time with Dorinda. I think Bethany carries her liquor better that most ,, She drinks just as much but I think she knows how to straighten up when the cameras are rolling. Bethany even said her a luann got wasted on Halloween and she was eating street meat. So she drinks too! her eyes are bloodshot I have friends that drink like fish but they dont appear drunk or slurring ,, Dorinda likes to drink no doubt but I dont think she is a raging alcoholic!

  15. It was all fine and dandy when they went after Sonja and her drinking, Dorinda did it too, but now that the mirror is pointing at Dorinda she doesn't like it and I don't blame Bethenny for being pissed and saying what she said, Dorinda was an embarrassing drunk piece of trash at that dinner in front of all of Beth's other friends that make shit happen to help victims of natural disasters, Dorinda was arguing with a man that has been working and helping the victims of the earthquake in Haiti since it happened and she acted like she knew more than him because her late husband once had contacts there or some shit, it's not cool to go after one for being a drunk and not the rest, I don't think Sonja has ever been accused of being a druggie like Dorinda has, it's getting old she's become a mean, sloppy drunk and not so fun to watch! Bethenny hit the nail on the head when she called her a drunk! Team Bethenny all the way!!!!

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