RHOP: Ashley Will Not Cut Her Mother Off (Season 3, Episode 6) | Bravo

Financially or otherwise, much to her husband Michael’s dismay. Watch new episodes of Real Housewives of Potomac, Sundays at 10/9c, only on Bravo! #RHOP
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As the circle of life continues and a new season begins, Gizelle is in the hot seat yet again for putting Charrisse’s troubled marriage out there for all of Potomac to judge. While Charrisse focuses on her kids and struggles to accept her new normal, single-and-always-ready-to-mingle, Gizelle sees sparks fly when a man from her past returns. With both her kids out of the house, Karen plans to upgrade to a bigger home. But Ray wants to downsize, and the queen of Potomac’s high standards put a strain on their search. Ashley’s Oz Restaurant and Bar is open for business, but the challenges of making it a success take a toll on her marriage and her baby plans. Also, Robyn and Juan’s financial hardships have forced them to move farther away from the ladies and lean more on each other. As the two adjust to their new life, Robyn must decide if she is finally ready to let Juan back into her heart. Outspoken Monique who is married to a former star athlete, joins the ladies this season and ruffles some feathers with her upscale lifestyle.

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RHOP: Ashley Will Not Cut Her Mother Off (Season 3, Episode 6) | Bravo



Author: TVQueenie

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50 thoughts on “RHOP: Ashley Will Not Cut Her Mother Off (Season 3, Episode 6) | Bravo

  1. Oh hell naw Momma! Yah lazy as boyfriend better get a job! Its not Micheal's responsibility at all! I understand Ashley's heart for her Mom but she has to cut them off financially. Momma may have to work too a bit. There is other ways to support her Mom. They just took a free ride all the way to paardise, shows over!

  2. It's not an easy situation, but if the mom's bf is the problem, then she really should put her foot down 🙁

  3. Ashley needs to come up with a slick plan….she needs to squeeze every dollar she can out of Michael for about 4 years and then BREAK UP….than man is too old for her….

  4. I agree with Micheal 100% I get its her mom but she has to put moms on paper at the end of the day IS IT NOT UR HUSBANDS RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOTHER. She keeps testing the water she is gna fuck around and drown fast ijs moms aint the life jacket

  5. Umm. Ashley momma left her for her man. So how she gone make a statement about how black families do things. Her mother picked her man over her. Girl bye!

  6. Ashley’s mother and her boyfriend are playing her for a fool. The mother and the leach of a boyfriend have no incentive to do better if Ashley continues to fund their lifestyle. The mother has become the child and Ashley has become the mother.

  7. If I was Michael, I would be tired of all this and divorce Ashley and her family. If Michael does divorce her, would she still be willing to work her butt off to support her Mother and her deadbeat husband? I think she will come to her senses real quick.

  8. Ashley doesn't have any money. So if he cuts Ashley off her mother will be cut off to. And then what?. Maybe its me but I'm just not understanding the dynamic with her mother. If her boyfriend doesn't work. Then he doesn't eat🍔🍟

  9. Ashley your husband and marriage comes first and with that being said you are going to have to cut your mother off and help your mother figure out a way to support her leapt and her boyfriend. Ashley supporting her mother financially is not helping her to better herself and Ashley should it be ignorant to how her mother is. I know people in real life you have had this same issue and their excuse is their mother has had a hard life and she doesn’t know any other way. Ashley needs to stand up to her mom and ease her into a different lifestyle.

  10. Regardless what the situation is, your partner should never ever make you choose between them and your family. I get where he’s coming from, but you can do it a different way. The way Michael is doing it, is not cool. If man/woman puts an ultimatum on you, then you need to leave that person. Cause that’s not a marriage nor the life you need to live. Fuck that. As a grown women your not gonna tell me who to choose, and if you do make me choose than I’m not choosing you, it’s as simple as that

  11. I agree with not wanting to support and take care of the boyfriend, but that's her mom. You cant make her chose between you and her mom. Thats just wrong.

  12. Watching this scene was VERY uncomfortable. I am not sure if Ashley and Michael is going to make it. Ashley, I understand the love she have for her mom but if her mother insists on living in a low level state, then it is time for her to take care of herself. Ashley and Michael need to move on and stop supporting her financially. Ashley can still have a loving relationship with her mom without getting involved in her affairs. Ashley mom isn't elderly. She can take care of herself….If she doesn't, Michael will move on and I wouldn't blame him. Who wants to surround themselves with people who insist on living at a low level state?

  13. What man would be comfortable taking care of another mans household? That man gets up and goes to work while the deadbeat sleeps all day and does nothing. Michael is 100% right on this one… He wants to take care of her mom, NOT A DEADBEAT LOOSER

  14. I don't blame Michael he was taught to do for yourself. Be should take care of a able bodied man! But like Ashley I would give me life for my mother cos she gave hers for me!

  15. This whole time I thought he just wanted to cut off her mom only. The Boyfriend is the issue.
    Second of all quit letting that man compare his love n your MAMAS chile u tripping

  16. Marry a white old man for money. Then give the money to your broke mamma who hangs out with a deadbit guy, and have the audacity to complain about your situation.
    Baby, you should have go to school and struggle your way through to success. At least, nobody would advise you to cut your own mamma off !

  17. Wow…has Ashley ever considered the fact that her mother did not hesitate to abandon her when she was 5 for a man she was just "dating "?!!!…she is a grown woman let her take care of herself, you have done more than your duty as her daughter girl…smh

  18. I have to say that as a black person myself, Ashley is only half right about the "If one eats, everybody eats" collective concept in the black community. Thankfully I and most of my friends have parents who (pridefully) worked their entire lives and provided stable enough environments and their kids and themselves that this sort of predicament wouldn't even be an option, because they were never wired that way to begin with. For everyone I can think of in my life, we also had parents who happily invested in our college education (and often college prep schooling before that), and they maybe gave us a summer or two to get ourselves together, but after that, they were pushing us out of the nest a la "Fly, Robin, Fly", and expected if not life of excellence, then that we could at least all create lives of productivity and self-sustainence, just as their parents did for them. The way that we care for our ELDERLY parents has been more about helping them organize their affairs as they age and become feeble, after a life well lived (and WELL PLANNED) vs. letting able bodied adults with no drive or ambition sit up and drain money from extended family member's bank accounts (that they're not even related to???). If Ashley isn't willing to bankroll her mother and UncleDaddy's folly with her own personal funds, then seems to me we're about to see 3 grown adults who will ALL be at a loss soon, because this is not her (on-again, off-again) husband's responsibility.

  19. Ashley and her mom have a dysfunctional dynamic and Ashley is enabling her instead of helping her. Mom shouldn't be taken care of by anyone but herself. It's pitiful that she's taking handouts from her child while she remains with an abusive loser who can't help support his household. This is just a big ol' mess and I would have walked away if I were Michael. Ashley is not ready to give 100% of herself to her marriage because she's giving most of it to her immature, irresponsible mother.

  20. Her mother is too damn old to be a burden on entire daughters life. She should be ashamed of herself. Your child shouldn't be raising you at the expense of her life/marriage.

  21. Please, PLEASE, get rod of these annoying outro songs. These clips are too short to have to listen to this all the time.

  22. Ashley has her own money. If she wants to do without a new handbag because of her mother so be it. But the mother is selfish if she won't get rid of the dead meat.

  23. He asked Ashley to cut her mom off “financially” only. Ashley’s hubby should NOT be financially supporting Ashley’s mom & unemployed boyfriend. Ashley & hubby have financially taken care of them for a couple of years now!!!

  24. Not understanding why Ashley…who makes her own money as a reality personality…needs permission from her husband to take care of her mother.

    I must be missing something cause this seems absurd to me.

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