RHOP: Is Monique Hanging Candiace Out to Dry? (Season 3, Episode 7) | Bravo

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As the circle of life continues and a new season begins, Gizelle is in the hot seat yet again for putting Charrisse’s troubled marriage out there for all of Potomac to judge. While Charrisse focuses on her kids and struggles to accept her new normal, single-and-always-ready-to-mingle, Gizelle sees sparks fly when a man from her past returns. With both her kids out of the house, Karen plans to upgrade to a bigger home. But Ray wants to downsize, and the queen of Potomac’s high standards put a strain on their search. Ashley’s Oz Restaurant and Bar is open for business, but the challenges of making it a success take a toll on her marriage and her baby plans. Also, Robyn and Juan’s financial hardships have forced them to move farther away from the ladies and lean more on each other. As the two adjust to their new life, Robyn must decide if she is finally ready to let Juan back into her heart. Outspoken Monique who is married to a former star athlete, joins the ladies this season and ruffles some feathers with her upscale lifestyle.

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RHOP: Is Monique Hanging Candiace Out to Dry? (Season 3, Episode 7) | Bravo



Author: TVQueenie

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37 thoughts on “RHOP: Is Monique Hanging Candiace Out to Dry? (Season 3, Episode 7) | Bravo

  1. Monique is messy asf! Girl if you wanna stay neutral stay neutral dont flip flop to whatever side and agree with person you are with at the time.

  2. Be careful Monique! Yo "friend" was telling the other ladies what you said about Gizelle (how she can't read). Be loyal to ppl who are loyal to you (even if you're fake friends for the show).

  3. Monique is acting real different now about how Candice is acting when she did tell her to stand up for herself, which I think was the best advice because they were disrespectful. But come on Monique stick by what you said. Also with the whole jealous friend thing I do think she ment that in a joking manner, plus she didnt say the word jealous.

  4. Never tell ur business around materialistic judgemental girls and women they will mock u and make u feel like ur doin something not good enough ..

  5. Why are all the light-skin women on one side of the room and dark skin on the other, and is University of Maryland the Harvard of DMV because I notice alot of women are grads or is that Georgetown

  6. No is nit setting her up but letting her know how to watch out and not to let them handle her… Gisselle thinks she’s the shit… who can you tell to apologize to someone… face starting to sag now… cannot stand her!!

  7. Candice has all those girls worked up because she is so confident in herself and in her relationship that she doesn’t mind talking about things but these women are so used to being fake and phony that when a woman like Candice comes around they are uncomfortable and jealous, i hope Candice doesn’t change because these women would drive me to drink 🙄

  8. Monique is an agitator and let's also keep in mind that she has to stay relevant to be on the show. I look at it this way everybody's not so rich that they can't use that Bravo check.💵

  9. Oh No They Done Caught Up Monique 🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm Disappointed Lol. She Should've Pulled A Sheree & Sat There And Claimed "Too Not Remember Or Recollect The Previous Convos She Had" 😂

  10. ABOUT TIME Monique loves to pretend her shit doesn't stink…. She is as messy as Gizelle.. thats why they don't get along… I AM living for this episode to air!

  11. Wait…I thought Monique and Candice were almost besties. WTF happened?! TBH, Mo didn't say anything bad and lots of people are territorial with their friendships.

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