Ric Flair: The Nature Boy Discusses Loss of Son & His Own Near Death Experience | The Pivot Podcast

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The Nature Boy joins the Pivot in an entertaining yet emotional conversation about life with Ryan, Channing and Fred. The conversation opens up with Flair explaining his inspiration for the larger than life persona he cultivated through his in-ring antics and lavish personality which became the standard of swagger for generations.

“It all really started when I saw Joe Namath at Alabama and heard he slept with a hundred girls his freshman year and I said, that’s my kind of man,” Flair laughs while telling the story as the guys continue to reminisce with him over some of the more notable stories of his career. Wrestling was a gateway to being an entertainer for The Nature Boy who is proud of the reputation he created while setting a standard for people all over the world who genuinely admired him for his boastful behavior and carefree lifestyle.

As the conversation continues, Flair opens up about some of the darker moments in his life: losing his son and his own near death experience.

With the anniversary of his son’s death near, Ric talks about the loss and how he cried everyday for years after losing him to a drug overdose. “For five years, I drank from 10 in the morning until 2am…Everyday I’d wake up and it’s still right in front of me what happened,” Ric shares in an emotional moment describing how hard it was to find his son and how it doesn’t get easier even though it’s been years.

Offering comfort as fathers, the men relate to his post loss mentality and couldn’t imagine being in that position. Flair goes on to share how he fortunate he feels to be alive and have made the global impact he did on so many lives sharing stories and conversations he’s had with various celebrities and athletes over the years.

Turning back to a positive note, Flair shares that his infamous coined phrase “Wooo!” was derived from Jerry Lee Lewis’ 1957 hit “Great Balls of Fire” while listening to the song on a road trip. Channing goes right for the gusto asking if the rumored number of sleeping with 10,000 women is accurate…The Nature Boy breaks down the numbers by days and explains how although he doesn’t know the exact number, it could be close to that figure!

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