Album Review: Rico Love’s “Turn The Lights On” is What R&B Needs #TTLO


Rico Love’s “Turn The Lights On” brings R&B back to its Roots

By Amber B

I was recently invited to a listening session in New York City to hear Rico Love‘s debut album Turn The Lights On.  I accepted the invitation thinking in the back of my head this ought to be interesting he has written hits for many including Usher and Mary J. Blige. I decided to bring my sister Andrea along who is very passionate about R&B music.

The listening event was great and wow it started on time. Rico Love I must say is unlike many artists I have met in this industry. He’s very personal, genuine, and passionate about what he believes in. Before we started the listening session he took the time out to go about the room and personally meet each person who was in attendance. Love sat down and explained his debut project and the space he was in when he wrote and recorded it. Many artists today make albums that are a hit today, but will these albums stand the test of time (I don’t think so). Love went into detail how he wanted this album to have substance, he wanted it to stand for something, and he even stated that this is some of his best writing.

I must say before I get into detail about my thoughts on the project, Turn the Lights On is a solid piece of work. It has a story that the listener can relate to. Not many artists will put out something you can listen to all the way throw without hitting the forward button, this is one of those rare finds. Love is doing a little bit of everything on TTLO, he’s singing, rapping, it’s slow, it’s fast, it is the complete package.

You have tracks like “Bad Attitude” where he raps of a shallow woman who is fine but really only wants his riches.  Then he turns around and sings on “Trifling” about an affair with someone he barely knows. The track has a dope beat and draws you in, it is real life. One of my favorites is “Run From Me“, Love sings of a relationship that he is really not ready for. The instruments in the background pull the track over the top. As we sat and listened to the album what caught my attention was how Love lip sync along on every track, he even mocked played the piano on the table. I saw compassion in every move that he made. It drew me in closer to his music.


There are tracks like “Ride” that has a very slow beat that he is singing over and then it speeds up, interesting and different. The albums title track “Turn The Lights On” has a string melody in the background and his voice sounds great over the beat, he’s singing, he’s rapping, he’s doing it all. One of my favorites is “For The Kids“, Love talks of staying for the kids, a topic that needs to be touched upon. Overall I really enjoyed the project. My favorite from the album is “The Affair” the song is beautiful, it is sweet and the instruments are on point.

The real question that night would be how my sister Andrea the R&B junkie would feel about the project? I asked her opinion on the ride home on her honest thoughts about Turn The Lights On, she said she really enjoyed it. Andrea said even though it has hip-hop intertwined in it she will purchase it, it is an album she could vibe out to. She says it is something she could listen to fully through while cleaning the house or driving in the car. She also stated how she really enjoyed the listening session and how Love has gained a new fan.

Make sure you head over to iTunes to purchase Turn The Lights On.

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Author: Amber B

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