Rihanna & Drake No Longer Friends

Drake once said he’s always been in love with Rihanna and presented her with the Vanguard Award and even took out a billboard to congratulate her.

Now, Rihanna says they’re no longer friends and opens up about her new relationship with Saudi businessman, Hassan Jameel.

Then, the Royal wedding is just 15 days away, but Meghan Markle’s brother penned a letter to Prince Harry, asking him to call it off.

Plus, Lil Kim’s New Jersey home is in foreclosure and up for auction. Find out what the starting bid is.
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30 thoughts on “Rihanna & Drake No Longer Friends

  1. So Wendy's co hosts get all excited at Rihanna's billionaire boyfriend but somehow Meghan Markle is the opportunist? Y'all need to give it a rest already and just be happy for the girl. She got her Prince….go find yours!

  2. That picture of Christina Aguilera it's so damn old she does not even dressed like that anymore that was not a good representation of what she probably wanted to wear

  3. So Wendy loves all of these people? But she says Christina is basically dumb enough to show up on prime-time television wearing chaps on a family show. Rihanna should date often but in the past Wendy called Rihanna a walking STD. She also said that Rihanna was a "hit it and quit it" type of girl not to be taken seriously in a relationship. Wendy is racist against Muslim people because of the stereotypes you just put out there about them. But then again, she's racist against your own people because last week she called a chocolate color black woman "blackie". Oh and Wendy loves Lil Kim but she bid $103 on her home. Wow if that's love, I don't want ANY friends like that.

  4. I am appalled by Wendy! Every time she talks about Meghan all she does is tear her down. Again; i have never heard her say a bad word about whoring Paris Hilton, in fact, she only praises her but with Mehgan it's like she is looking for every justification to rip her apart. Ever her continuously saying she is from crenshaw, which she was told that's not where she grew up. Im very disappointed in Wendy. I never heard her say that about HRH Kate on her wedding. And that is the definition of social climbing. She was basically groomed for William and unlike Meghan she would have been nothing had he not marry her. Wendy have a long track record of putting down black women and it gets more evident as the years go by.

  5. Megan is a good-looking woman i believe Harry really loves her (or anyone can love her, she is so cute and sexy, feminine). The royals need a role model. Of course anyone will think about opportunities when marring a royal person, but a royal can choose 🙂 the most prettiest and nicest person to his oppinion. We don't know Harry, it's his choice. They know better. You can be jealous as much as you want 😀 But they will have cute babies 🙂 😉

  6. Wendy is such a hater, she is also cruel to young ladies. She always talk bad about Rihanna and wishes the worst for Riri. Rihanna is a hardworking and talented young lady, we wish her well with her career, personal and love life. Wendy can also see Megan's future but see cannot see hers. How long will she remain married? Between herself and Megan, whose marriage will end in divorce? Wendy please don't hate, instead learn to congratulate. We love Megan in the UK and France, and wish her and Prince Harry all the best.

  7. So insulted right now. As a black woman she should know what stereotyping does to you, and that it's wrong. Seeing how racist and ignorant she was towards such a diverse culture she knows nothing about it hurts, cuz I was here from the very beginning. My leaving won't do anything to her, but I can't support this behaviour. Stay away from your brainwashing media americans.

  8. Oh pleaseeee Wendy. Christina wasn't about to wear assless chaps live on national television 😂
    The minute Christina ever tells some truth about anything she gets crap for it. She was just keeping it real and she was right. I can't count the winners of that show on one hand.
    Christina actually cared about her contestants & didn't just want them churned through a talent show and forgotten about.

  9. Watching Wendy is like watching a train wreck or a car accident; you don't wanna look but you cant look away either. So cringey! Brrrrr! Her karma still awaits her. Smh! That is such a mean thing to say about a woman who's about making history for the people of color! She seems to enjoy demeaning black people, what's up with that? The "jealousization" of it all! SMH!

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