The RingSkin is Durable and Guards your Jewelry from dings [Review]

RingSkin Guards your Jewelry from dings

By Amber B

Hey ladies, Have you ever lost a side stone or dinged your precious wedding ring? or When you head to fitness class do you panic when it’s time to put your ring in the locker? Well ladies I came across a great product on the market that will help put an end to your woes and keep your prized possession shining on your finger.

I was recently sent RingSkin in the mail for product test. I must say the RingSkin comes in a set of three in a cute acrylic case. When I first looked at the product I was a little skeptical but open-minded to put the RingSkin to test. I pulled off my wedding ring and slid it in with ease. The next day would be the real test, using the product in action.

The first few days of my product test I placed the RingSkin over my wedding ring when I went to the gym. After an intense workout I barely noticed it was there. What I enjoyed most was finally getting to wear my ring around my associates at the gym. My next test would be at home, wearing the RingSkin while I did some gardening and housework. Normally my ring would be sitting in my jewelry box while doing these activities but I felt comfortable with the product to keep it on. By the end of the week no dings, no scratches, no missing stones. The RingSkin worked and I only used the one, still have two for future use.


The RingSkin is easy to use, durable, and comes in a pack of three. Designed by “Mompreneur” Ginny Pennell it is proudly made in the USA, you can purchase a pack at


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Author: Amber B

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