Roc Nation Artist Belly Jumped At Coachella While Singer The Weeknd Was On Stage Performing

Roc Nation Artist Belly Jumped At Coachella wow singer The Weeknd Was On Stage Performing. Coachella the big Festival where tons of artists from all over go to perform and this year while Canadian singer the weekend was performing on stage rapper Belly Was Jumped By Multiple People.


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36 thoughts on “Roc Nation Artist Belly Jumped At Coachella While Singer The Weeknd Was On Stage Performing

  1. He not real cuz he admitted to his L Doc lol.. He had no choice it was on camera at da biggest festival😂😂.. Gettin jumped like that wit no1 havin ur back must mean he dis sum shit

  2. Damn I don't know the details but he really pissed them off. Security usually don't beat mfs up like that unless somebody did something to antagonize them. But I'll wait for the details.

  3. I remember when cochella was once a EDM festival. Now the fuckery of rap culture invaded it. They learning all this BS hating from country music stars. You see all the beefing and hating they do.

  4. First let me say This, if you are to much of a coward bitch to where you need help jumping one person, then kill yourselves. These so called tough guys make me laugh. Who ever was the main one who had issues with the man is a straight bitch made perfect type to be in a click. Cause your pussy ass needed your hole click to fight and all them dudes hitting one man and still couldn’t drop him. Lmmfao straight LLLLLLLL’s

  5. I can't get my ass whooped at a club/event while some shit like that playing, if ima take a L some shit like crime mobb nucc if you bucc gotta be playing 😂😂😂

  6. i woulda paid them niggas to wait for a rapper to perform…havin the weekend as the soundtrack would give me ptsd

  7. Please mention that the security was in on it and you can clearly see them pounding on his ass when he turtles .. tmz got good slowed footage of it

  8. It was kinda funny he got jumped an Weekend in the background singing, but for real though if you rolling around at least have some people around you to help prevent dumb shit like this from happening

  9. This is crazy. I love music, refuse to go to public functions anymore. Someone always want their name to ring bells so they have to bring drama with a team.

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