Rod Wave – All I Got (Official Audio)

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“All I Got” Lyrics

Six in the morning he up fighting demons
Lately I ain’t got no time for sleeping
These n***as hating on me for no reason
I pray I make it back when I be leaving
I give it all I got
Riding round in a drop, hey
Tell em fuck they feelings drop dead
Go tell em I said,
It’s fuck the world like my pops said
It’s thug life just like Pac said, just like Pac said
Thinking about my n***a Cee
He got a quarter of a century locked in penitentiary
I ain’t gon lie that shit be killing me
So many memories,
Life will be gone in 2053
This shit don’t stop them n***as spinning just like ceiling fans
Take them extensions of them F&N’s, them bitches jam
Told my BM that we locked in and I don’t give a damn
Don’t give a damn
Say what you gon’ say about me
But don’t touch me cause them young n***as don’t play about me,
Gon spray bout me,
Jump out in broad day bout me,
N***a play they gon lay bout me
Thinking about my n***as up the road
Riding with them till they home
Knowing when my n***as right or wrong,
Keep me real with all my folks
Who’d have said I wasn’t gonna be?
What more do they want from me?
Been chasing since I was seventeen
Youngin finally get to live his dreams

I’ma give it all I got, yeah
I’ma give it all I got, yeah
I’ma give it all I got, I’ma give it all I got
All I got, yeah
I gave it all I got I’ma give it all I got, yeah
I gave it all I got
I gave it all I got
I’ma give it all I got, yeah


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