Roland Martin Blasts Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock For Tweet About Nike, Kaepernick Deal

Roland Martin rips Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock for his tweet about Nike’s Colin Kaepernick advertising campaign.

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I Caught U Slippin

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25 thoughts on “Roland Martin Blasts Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock For Tweet About Nike, Kaepernick Deal

  1. But you was dancing with Hillary Clinton. Cooning.

  2. For many years you have heard red white and blue born live and die as an American the problem I have with American flag I was not born red I'm not consider white I do not turn blue when I pass

  3. I remember when we boycotted Budweiser for not allowing blacks distributition rights. That changed. Boycotting is good in some cases.

  4. Oh They Really Understand!! They Just act like they don't!! We need to Stop trying to get them to understand when WE ALREADY KNOW THEY WON'T!!! And after all these years we Been Free WE Still Got to Keep Explaining!! TIME TO LEAVE THAT ONE ALONE!!!!

  5. Could you be any more racist and ignorant? You should open a book and learn more about black history. Somehow you have an elitist mindset, even though you are far from elite. You're ignorant to the reality of just about everything you talked about. You're just as ignorant as the athletes who are kneeling. Let me explain this to you – During the season, a grand total of maybe 12 minutes in each stadium is spent honoring America and its military. And it's during those 12 minutes, out of the entire season, that these idiots decide to protest. And they expect people not to be upset about them kneeling while they are supposed to be honoring the military? Honestly, for their sake, I hope they are trying to insult the military because if not then they are even dumber than your moronic opinions. Most of those "black athletes" aren't doing anything for anyone but themselves anyways. They don't give a shit.

    And Nike is just trying to get headlines. Nike still makes most of their clothes in sweatshops. You think they stand for anything positive? And besides, Kaepernick is garbage. He was never a good QB, which is why he was behind Gabbart in the depth chart before he even started the kneeling crap. Let's be honest, Gabbart shouldn't have even been a starter. Kaepernick at best belongs in the Arena League as a backup, likely behind Gabbart there as well.

    Nike is a joke, doing a publicity stunt that will alienate more than half of America, all of law enforcement, all of the military, and they should expect to lose any government contracts they have. They shouldn't have any anyways, with how they exploit impoverished people and put out subpar products.

    But I guess Kaepernick loves exploiting poor people. He is currently making a career out of it. At his current rate of exploitation, he'll be the next Jesse Jackson. Just like Jackson, he is also exploiting all the people he pretends to stand up for, making millions off their suffering. It's more than obvious that he has no problem with black people getting murdered, unless they are killed by cops. He's fine with black children getting shot up in Chicago. And people like you fully support him on this. You act like you give a shit, but if you support Kaepernick, then you clearly don't give a damn about actual innocent black people being killed. All you care about is how you look to all the other ignorant people who support Kaepernick.

    Keep in mind, Kaepernick is so ignorant to reality that the fucking idiot wore a t-shirt with Che Guevara and Castro on it, while talking about oppression. Could he really be THAT ignorant? Actually, do you even understand why it was ignorant of him to do that? Or are you too elitist to get it?

  6. Whitlock is shallow and arrogant on many topics. He should stick to sports talk and mind his buisness.

  7. Jason Whitlock is to sports journalism what Stephen was to Candieland.

  8. THANK YOU ROLAND! There is always to be a dumb negro in the mix. Amen to all my brotha's and sista's!! Stand up and stand strong! 'Cause we got this!! Most of us KNOW the power we hold, damn time to use it!!

  9. Whitlock is what you call a selfish fool…if anyone knows the history of Whitlock most whites couldn't stand him and he got fired from several gigs then he started acting like he does now..sellout for the paycheck(oj..tiger..kanye).

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