Royce Da 5’9: “Joe Budden Owes Eminem An Apology”

On the same day as his new album dropped, Royce Da 5’9″ dropped by The Angie Martinez where they two got into how music has changed, politics, working with J. Cole, the current state of Kanye West, the status of Slaughterhouse and not agreeing with Joe Budden disrespecting Eminem.

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I Caught U Slippin

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21 thoughts on “Royce Da 5’9: “Joe Budden Owes Eminem An Apology”

  1. Love Revival and it’s funny how people get so full of themselves and think because they don’t like something that nobody else should. Opinions are not facts.

    With that said, I also like how people back Joey about the situation when Joe even admitted that he didn’t even hear Revival after Em dropped that remix verse lol. He was mainly spazzing about Untouchable and accusing Em of using black issues for money (which is ridiculous) Em always took political jabs and touched on issues.

  2. This is extremely disheartening; to learn that Royce faults Joe for stating his opinion after caping for Em for maaad episodes of ES. I honestly thing Em and Royce need to apologize to Joe for this portrayal.

  3. Joe was honest who cares..and em has to make an album now that's as fire as catipllar to maintain..last Album sounded like trash. Meh owe well. Opinions and shit.

  4. Damn Royce u really trying to clout up by bringing up Joe in every interview .. cut it out bruh u too good of a MC for this coon shit

  5. Nobody cared that joe didn't like the album. Its the fact. He did these two things.

    1. He shitted on it. Why couldn't. Say i don't like the song leave at that and critique it. Why u gotta do em the samr way he did yachty.

    2. You question the reason why eminem made album .to pander to black people

  6. Joe never said that he did not like Em's album. He admitted he never even heard the album when he gave his opinion! He said that he did not like the marketing behind it! Also joe made a track called slaughtermouse!! showing respect to em!!

  7. Even Em know the album wasn't good. You see he keeps making fun of himself. Not saying he doesn't have yes men but it's overly exaggerated

  8. I can't even rock with the new Royce album for him having Joe name in his mouth every interview, damn! Joe and Eminem! Some said it best this brother can be Shao Khan but he is content with being Goro!

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