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39 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Media Tour: Success Or Debacle? | The View

  1. Sorry Joy, the President CAN'T be indicted! Once he is removed from office can he be indicted and tried! Only congress can remove him from office and it takes a 60 vote majority in the Senate to do it. The Dems will take the the House but even if you have a majority in the Senate it won't be a 60 vote margin. Our only hope is that enough republicans in the Senate will vote to impeach. This is why Trump is doing all he can do to smear Mueller. To make the people think that the investigation is flawed, to help these treasonous republicans keep their seats in office even if Mueller finds Trump has conspired with the Russians. Trump is waging a war of public opinion!

  2. It's possible that Giuliani is acting on purpose as a child who didn't do his homework. He's spreading mess and they can use the reactions to prep the defense. None of Giuliani's declarations matters in the court. This is Trump's way to oppose the strong presence of Avenatti on TV, but it might be a trap. They are playing being dumber than they really are. Or… this is Giuliani's vengeance for not being named Secretary of State. lol

  3. Am I missing something?……….When in his life has Rudy Giuliani NOT have "Foot in Mouth" disease. And Trump being  New Yorker and a FoxNews watcher should have know better. Oh well Birds of a feather.

  4. Idgf if he fucked 10 pornstars over a decade ago. LoL. So what. Country doing better than it has in decades. Everything i voted for and more.

  5. This is all very entertaining but I think people would prefer if they had a president who was focused on governing and not creating chaos and making people guess what he means half the time

  6. Amanda has got a point. Sunny and Whoopi come from a hopeful place and a belief that justice can happen. Amanda is coming from a place where things we'd never believe would happen, are happening almost every day. If someone told me before 2015 that we would have a person be voted POTUS that is going to start off their campaign calling us Mexicans murders and rapists, I would have said "Not in America! No no. That would never fly here. They'd be shut down!" Well, I'd have to take a seat on that one. So yeah, Amanda's point on how Trump could survive ALL of this makes way more sense. I, too, believe the country's main objective is to save America's politics.

  7. Wow, Joy is just so stupid. You can’t just throw the US president in jail. A sitting president can’t be removed by bringing criminal charges. The DOJ, has produced statements under two separate administrations, Nixon and Clinton, both confirming that you can’t bring charges against a sitting president. You have to wait until he is out of office. The only way to remove a president is through congressional action (impeachment followed by removal in the Senate). Joy talks about this bullsh*t day after day. You’d think she would acquire just a little bit of knowledge along the way. She is one stupid woman.

  8. America is now a lawless banana republic, which is why Trump can be a lying criminal and yet remain in the White House as president.

  9. Rudy gives you something to talk about you should b grateful . What he meant is the ones that were kept quiet with$$ they are . The issue with porn star is she’s creating a STORM It worked for clinton the people don’t care about that crap

  10. When Meghan is gone it's such a different enviorment on the show. Rational conversations, with no snarky attitudes and fox news talking points.

  11. The new chick at the table is actually entirely correct about her oresuxtions regarding Muller and Trump. She nailed it . That is exactly the type of bizzarity that Trump loves!! More drama more attention

  12. The View guest is like a trump voter. She thinks it's all politics. They keep pushing the court matters aside like they don't mean anything. The problem is the court cases only get stronger when trump and his circus do things like this. That's why Avenatti is way ahead. Avenatti is thinking of the court case and his strategy is paying off because he's forcing them to trip over each other.

  13. trump thinks he's doing a good job because trump watches Rudy on fox and they're favorable. trump doesn't watch him on ABC and see him flopping around like a fish out of water. Besides…this only plays in the media. It doesn't make a difference in the courts, which is really what they should be focused on but trump thinks it's effective because his base and fox like it. The country is made up of 70% more people who know this is a bad idea and it won't work for a long term strategy.

  14. My prediction is the investigating is going to keep going on and it won't pry Trump from the White House because the GOP won't do anything. He's going to be there until the next election, and then he'll be voted out.

  15. I wonder if this is payback by Rudy. He was promised a job in the administration (Sec. of State or AG) and now he's sabotaging trump's Daniels' case. Ouch.

  16. International debacle. I wish our American friends could see how the international media regards Rudy, Donald at al. They make their American detractors look like they’re bosom buddies by comparison. The Irish media, British, etc etc, have been busy – rightfully – sticking the knife in like a frenzied combine harvester, considering those two idiots.

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