Rules Meghan and Harry’s Kids Are Breaking As Ex-Royals

The life of a working royal is a lot more work than we think it is, even for the kids in the royal family.

There are a ton of rules that royal children have to follow that a lot of us never even thought about when we were kids. From starting etiquette training at a young age to learning a foreign language to having a strict dress code to having to attend countless royal engagements, it’s probably a bit overwhelming.

But of course, when you’re kid in the royal family, you’re trained to deal with a lot of this pressure when you’re very young. Meghan and Harry’s kids, on the other hand, now have a lot more freedom since the two decided to transition out of their roles as working royals and set out to California to build a life of their own outside of their royal obligations.

While it’s tradition for boys to wear shorts and for girls to wear dresses when in public, Archie and Lilibet now have the freedom to dress how they want. Well, however Meghan and Prince Harry allow them to dress, for the most part. And while we’re sure having good manners and being polite are valuable characteristics to Meghan and Harry, their kids won’t be required to have rigorous etiquette training like the other royal children in the family. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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00:00 Intro
00:44 No Restrictive Dress Code
01:15 Going To Any School
01:52 Goodbye Royal Wave
02:31 Traveling In Twos
03:04 Political Views
03:37 Celebrity Playdates
04:10 Public Parenting
04:45 Monopoly, Anyone?
05:12 Going By Nicknames
05:39 Events And Appearances
06:12 Birth Announcement
06:42 Having A Ton Of Godparents
07:13 All You Can Eat
07:14 Optional Christenings
08:11 Gift-Keeping
08:41 Outro

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Edited by: Ajay Danny

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