Security Tips For Bars And Nightclubs

Security Tips

By Jack Barnes

If you own a bar or nightclub, one of your primary responsibilities is making sure that your patrons stay safe. Not only is this important from a liability standpoint but it is also important for protecting the reputation of your business. Nothing can ruin your standing in your local community faster than having a violent or negative incident take place on your property. If your bar is not safe, people will start avoiding it, making it hard to stay in business.

Although you will always have to deal with security issues, there are some steps that you can take to make sure that your guests are protected. Here are some tips that you can implement today:

Protect Your Property With Qualified Doormen

When hiring people to work the door at your facility, you should make sure that they are qualified for the job. That not only means being physically strong enough to take on challengers but also having the strength of character to turn away customers who look like they may cause trouble. Although this sounds like it should be a simple task, it is actually a lot more difficult than you might think. Alcohol impairs people’s judgment. As a result, they may react violently if they are turned away. A good doorman will know how to diffuse the situation, helping to protect everyone else on the premises. Your doormen need to be given permission to turn anyone away regardless of their celebrity status or their relationship with the bar. That way, they can use their judgment to keep your patrons safe.

Although it can be difficult to turn people away at the door, doing so can go a long way toward preventing even worse problems later in the evening. Along with checking IDs, a doorman should be able to use their judgment to recognize whether someone is aggressive or whether they are too drunk to safely enter the bar. They should also have a good memory for faces, helping them to remember people who have gotten into trouble in the past. Using their knowledge, they can then help prevent potential troublemakers from getting inside.

Security Staff Should Know When To Take Action

Oftentimes, volatile situations can be diffused before they escalate by having your security team intervene early on. When trouble is brewing, it can usually be spotted far before it turns into an actual fight. Your security team should be alert and aware enough of what is happening at any given time to spot potentially dangerous situations so that they can get involved. For instance, if they spot someone making unwanted advances toward a girl at the bar who is with her boyfriend, they should step in and stop the problem. That way, a potential fight can be avoided. The role of the security team is to monitor the guests at all times, keeping their eyes peeled for any situations that could be problematic. By paying careful attention, they can stop fights and prevent abuse, helping to ensure that everyone who visits the bar or nightclub has a great time and that they feel safe while they are on the premises. It’s one of the best ways to keep nightclubs safe.

When Necessary, Get Law Enforcement Personnel Involved

Some people are just too dangerous to handle on your own. No matter how well-trained your security team is, there are situations where they will most likely need the help of local law enforcement. Your security staff should establish relationships with local police officers so that they can get help when they need it. This is especially important in areas where gangs are prevalent. Being able to call for assistance when a dangerous situation presents itself can help ensure that everyone stays safe and that the situation is handled in the best way possible.

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Security Tips For Bars And Nightclubs


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