Senator Kamala Harris On Education, Decriminalizing Weed, Gun Control & Why Debating Is Important

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45 thoughts on “Senator Kamala Harris On Education, Decriminalizing Weed, Gun Control & Why Debating Is Important

  1. Kamala Harris Said Progressive Should Not Apply Ideological Purity Tests To Democrats Facing Tough Re-Election. (Which Means Shut Up And Accept Her Corruption)

  2. I hate the breakfast club is so uninformed. They did not ask her any tough questions about her record as A.G. in California. This woman is not for the black community.

  3. "You put them first, and they put you last ‘cause you’re a chump, a political chump… Anytime you throw your weight behind the political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you’re dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that Party, you’re not only a chump, but you’re a traitor to your race.” – Malcolm X



  5. This is a lying corporate snake of a Democrat. She is only saying this so she can run in 2020. She won't actually do what she says. This interview was nothing but circle jerking

  6. We went out to support the movie Black Panther and helped this movie break records in the box office. Why can’t we do the same thing at the voting polls? Our priorities are out of order.🤔

  7. This woman is not African-American and she does not have shared experiences with us or poor immigrants. Though she is playing off like she is a sista by going to Howard and being in a sorority, she is half-Indian and half-Jamaican. Her parents are two highly educated immigrants. And, this chick may be dirty as hell. Look into the Mitrice Richardson case, how she chose not to prosecute banker Steve Mnuchin even with great evidence against him for predatory lending and he gave her money to support her campaign. And she defended a District Attorney Tony Rackauckas after her employed jailhouse informants and concealed evidence. And look into the Daniel Larsen Case. Kamala isn't for us. This is another Hillary Clinton interview for the Breakfast Club. The Democrats are trying to sell another one who is playing the saxophone and selling fried chicken to get black people to vote for this person.

  8. I'm here for actually questions and actually solutions to issues…While you're Jamaican, I'm Jamaican, an wi no deal wid sell out dutty politican people enuh so mek mi pull a seat an ear wah you a chat bout!

  9. Don’t let Kamala Harris fool you, she’s a corporate democrat, she let Steve Mnuchin (Secretary Of Treasury)(he also developed that tax plan that republicans just passed that’ll make you pay more taxes then the top 1% in about 8 yrs) get away with over 1000 violations on foreclosure in California during the housing crisis with one West Bank . He should’ve been jailed and she let him walk free. She running for president in 2020 #bewarned She says the right things but she’s not for the people

  10. All the “Smart gun safety laws” that she is proposing we either have already or we tried and failed. Can we please get a someone progun like Colion Noir or Majj to point this stuff out so we can actually have meaningful conversations instead of this Echo chamber back patting

  11. Kamala Harris Wanted Inmates To Do Certain Jobs Getting Paid 8 Cent To 37 Cent But Doesn't Want To Hire Anyone To Work To Pay A Decent Wage And 30% Of California Forest Firefighters Are Prisoners That Save The State $80 Million Dollar They Would Give To Hire Workers

  12. She totally avoided that question Charlemagne asked at 8:00 regarding a new organization policing the police in 2018. Totally didn’t answer his question.

  13. Clearly doesn’t know what’s she talking about on gun control you always have to do a background check when you buy a gun and we already banned assault weapons. They just wanna bann all guns now. and the ar 15 isn’t an assault rifle ar means armalite

  14. One of the best ways to protect schools is just to simply keep people out that don’t belong using tech and locked doors from outside only.

  15. Isn't this the same chick that said, as attorney General, her office didn't want to release prisoners (read: slave labor) because who else is gonna put out fires? The same chick that didn't prosecute Steve Mnuchin and his bank for their illegal foreclosure practices that negatively impacted black people. Issa no for me.
    She is not an ally and I don't care how much she tries now to reinvent herself and push that narrative. Yall need to be consistent if Hillary can get it so can this half Jamaican woman.

  16. Without pushing for black fathers in homes this is all bullshit…Remember leftist like her HATE school vouchers for black kids…they want black children to remain in the hoods they were born in because they are indebted to the teachers union….oh they will start a little program for optics that will help a few while the majority are stuck…Tell this woman to go be a cop and then talk bout de-escalating….but she wont, damn easy to judge when you dont have a gun pointed at your head.. Gun safety laws are the strongest in Chicago, hows that working??? Her main message was lets focus on the election in 2018, meaning vote for us because democratic cities have the highest crime anywhere!!!

  17. Police shouldn’t be issued weapons until they have 5 years on the job. It should be mandatory for police to visit 3 businesses & 1 home or vise-versa on a daily basis & meet the business owners/managers & residents that live in the areas where they patrol. Cops should only be allowed to pull 1 weapon out during a traffic stop or call involving 1 person. Cops that murder unarmed ppl should be suspended without pay & ALL cameras should be turned over “immediately” to the DA’s office. All payouts should be made by police unions, not tax payers.

  18. Doesn’t matter who’s in office, the agenda remains the same. This country doesn’t give a damn about your votes. Besides, black folks especially, needs to stop expecting real change from these presidents. Stop looking for a savior

  19. People be weary and skeptical of this woman she is a tool of corporatocracy and oligarchy like Obama, Clinton and Trump she will talk about left wing policy and promise the electorate things that her rich donors don't want. If you trust in her she will probably disappoint you.

  20. ‘After propping her up as the Democratic Party’s Trump resistance hero, the Democratic establishment, including Clinton donors and staffers, are lining up behind the idea of Sen. Kamala Harris running for president in 2020. Earlier this month, Harris met with several top Clinton donors in the Hamptons and attended a luncheon hosted for her by Liz Robbins, one of Hillary Clinton’s top lobbyist bundlers. ‘ – the Observer

    ‘The Bridgehampton event, where Harris mingled with top donors and supporters of Hillary Clinton, was the ultimate signal that Harris is "thinking much bigger" than the Senate, one top bundler said.’ – the Hill

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