Serena Williams Never Thought She’d Marry a White Guy

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22 thoughts on “Serena Williams Never Thought She’d Marry a White Guy

  1. They got married and had a kid real quick.. Industry marriage. They barely been together long enough to start showing their true colors

  2. Serena is garbage bed wench she hook up with to get a half breed baby to run around an brag about it , she trying so hard to be a white women , white people are going laugh in her face and treat her like a dog, she is a joke all ready. she coons for white people .

  3. It's crazy to see BW will say oh im happy for her in the comments but let a BM marry a white woman and all hell breaks loose

  4. that's​ actually a smart idea if they could possibly make that happen " change the name from Bill Cosby to The Huxtables"- A. Yee

  5. the moment the video surfaced of her acting beastly like caucasians, eating dog food online, i knew this was inevitable. shes mentally unstable. remember that.

  6. They were no doubt told they were ugly growing up so maybe they wanted to have kids with a cracker ass cracker in hopes of having better looking kids. Wtfc…lol

  7. Serena must hate black men because she married outside of her race.
    See how dumb that shit sounds women, so when a black man marries a outside of their race remember Serena.

  8. Colors arent boundaries, with that said Imagine her husband doing an interview where the headline was “i never thought id marry a black woman”

  9. Saw it from a mile away… she’s black dark skinned and always gets hate for her looks! So mixedrace baby might make her feel prettier lol happens all the time with dark skinned black women!!!

    It was wayyy to quick

    Looks like he got his fetish now 🙈

    Self hate!

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