Sex In Atlanta • K Michelle • R&B MONEY Podcast • Ep.069 #rnbmoneypodcast

Sex In Atlanta • K Michelle • R&B MONEY Podcast • Ep.069 #rnbmoneypodcast

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This week on The R&B Money Podcast, Tank and J Valentine welcome the illustrious K Michelle. In a far-reaching conversation, she shares her tumultuous journey through the music industry, from singing in church as a child to dealing with abusive relationships tied to her record deals. K Michelle opens up about lengths she had to go to make ends meet and hating doing music under labels that control her. After six R&B albums, she breaks free to fully pursue her passion – country music. Ever resilient, K Michelle has fought hard to tell her story through songs. Hear this candid discussion about the inspirational power of following one’s dreams against all odds. It’s K Michelle on The R&B Money Podcast.
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