Shaq Opens Up About His Divorce & His Only Regrets: Penny Hardaway & Kobe Bryant | The Pivot Podcast


Shaquille O’Neal opens up about his divorce, relationship with Penny Hardaway and what really went on between him and Kobe Bryant in a rare look back into his life as he shares with the guys what keeps him up at night.

For the most part, Shaq says how he’s lived life his way but as he’s become older, he looks back with a couple of regrets, the main one being his divorce and the other never reaching out to Kobe after they finished playing together.

As Ryan leads the conversation about family and all of them making mistakes at one point or another over the years- the men discuss the point of coming to a realization that sometimes mistakes become decisions that can be difficult to come back from. The conversation takes a somber tone as Shaq shares how he is to blame for his marriage ending and the struggles he faced after not having his family with him everyday.

Channing lightens the mood, by talking shit with Shaq about his reputation of missing free throws, his eyes being close together and can’t resist asking about the sexual challenges Shaq faces by being such a large human and curious to how it all goes down.

Fred gets into the basketball conversation with Shaq and the guys take a trip down memory lane of how his career played out and what he would have done differently if given the chance.

Being transparent about his playing days with the Magic his move to LA and then to Miami, Shaq shares how he believes Penny Hardaway was Kobe Bryant before Kobe was Kobe. “If Penny didn’t get hurt, he would have been one of the top 3 players in the history of game” Shaq says.

Losing his sister unexpectedly and then dealing with the death of Kobe, Shaq regrets not picking up the phone and has no excuse but shares the lesson- we are never too busy to make a call.

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