Sheff G – “We Getting Money” [Video]

By Jack Barnes

Spearheading a youth movement in his home borough of Brooklyn, Sheff G is one of New York’s most promising rappers. Heading away from the concrete jungle toward greener pastures, Sheff G shares “We Getting Money,” his new video. Heading to a picturesque lake house, Sheff rocks Vlone and Supreme as he and his associates drive luxury autos and bring a Brooklyn attitude to the country life. With over 234k plays on SoundCloud in three days, “We Getting Money” is the latest single from The Unluccy Luccy Kid, Sheff G’s debut mixtape. Enjoy this video stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

With a unique vocal style and a quick wit, Sheff is a charismatic performer, whether he’s layering boasts with a machine-gun flow, or slowing it down with an appealing sing-song. On The Unluccy Luccy Kid, the 20-year-old rapper gives fans a glimpse into the man behind the movement, dwelling on the inciting incidents that started him on the rap path, and refining his sharp storytelling instincts. With appearances from Sheff’s frequent collaborator Sleepy Hallow and with the bulk of the production handled by Great John, who alternates BK drill’s signature minor-key pianos with brighter sonics, The Unluccy Luccy Kid arrives on September 27th via EMPIRE.

Influenced by the lyrics and attitude of Chicago’s drill movement, Sheff G helped lead a similar movement in his home neighborhood of Flatbush, marked by dramatic minor-key production, lyrical realism, and low-budget high-energy music videos. In 2017, Sheff G helped start the Brooklyn Drill movement with “No Suburban,” which earned more than 5.7 million views on YouTube. Since then, Sheff has been one of the most-admired rappers in the city, stopping traffic in the streets with his “Panic” series of singles and creating a cross-continental drill connection with rappers from the UK. Riding a wave of hot singles, including “Tonight” and “Flows“, and with a glowing profile in Pitchfork, Sheff G is ready to show the world what he’s got.

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The Unluccy Luccy Kid tracklist:
1. Breesh (Intro)
2. 8th Block (Prod.Great John)
3. Tonight (Prod.Deltah Beats)
4. Feel A Way (Prod. Great John)
5. Flows feat. Sleepy Hallow (Prod. Yondo)
6. Flows, Pt. 2 feat. Sleepy Hallow
7. We Getting Money (Prod.Ayy Walker)
8. Designer feat. Sleepy Hallow (Prod. Great John)
9. All My Life feat. Sleepy Hallow (Prod.Great John)
10. Respect feat. Sleepy Hallow (Prod. Great John)
11. Think Im Playin (Prod. Great John)
12. Menace feat. Sleepy Hallow (Prod. Great John)
13. Automatic feat. Sleepy Hallow (Prod. Great John)
14. Emotionless (Outro) (Prod. Great John)

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Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video] Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video]

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Props to Sheff G

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Sheff G - "We Getting Money" [Video]


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