Shiggy Talks Drake, Money, Popular Viral Dance Challenge & More

Shiggy on Starting Viral Dance Challenge For Drake’s ‘In Your Feelings’, and His Favorite Celebrity Personalities on the ‘Black Music Honors 2018 Red Carpet.

Shiggy Talks Drake, Money, Viral Dance Challenge & Where he’ll Be in 5 Years

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Key Topwater Lures for Grass Fishing in Summertime

Mon Aug 20 , 2018
Peak summertime water temps have bass pro Jimmy Mason reaching for his favorite topwater lures, and especially on Tenessee River reservoirs with sprawling grass flats. Jimmy divulges his top 3 topwater picks for covering water and triggering strikes from offshore bass roaming grass flats for shad and other baitfish. A popper is core to the lineup, but rather than the traditional pop and sit, Jimmy works the bait much more aggressively. This allows him to eliminate water more quickly, and he believes convert more strikes. Walking baits round out his lineup. Color can be important, with shad mimicking patterns rounding out the core, and other adjustments made based on cloud and sun conditions, or wave action.
Key Topwater Lures for Grass Fishing in Summertime