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Author: I Caught U Slippin

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13 thoughts on “Sister Circle Live | Traci Steele

  1. Congrats Traci. Awesome effort. I so enjoyed you on LHHA. I was impressed by your intelligence and wit. Unfortunately intelligence sells less than bitches and hoes and questionable behavior.

  2. She just had bad taste in men like a bunch of us women do! 30 days will allow us to think of the mistakes we made, reflect on how to be better. I'm all for reading her book!……book club anyone?

  3. Ladies the gag is you can do a cleanse for 30 days but if you go back to the same diet of poor choices and lack of accountability and noticing your own flaws, you'll be in the same rut again😉

  4. Whatever, I'm not reading a book or taking advice from a grown ass woman this old who got played by Stevie J. I'm sorry to be so harsh but that takes a special kind of stupid. The way Stevie treates women is well documented going back like 20 years. Stop.

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