Sister Circle Live | Trina, Traci & Towanda Braxton

One of our favorite families came down for some sister time at The Circle. They dished on all things Braxton…new music, new men, marriages and their relationship with the new Tamar.

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33 thoughts on “Sister Circle Live | Trina, Traci & Towanda Braxton

  1. What I don't understand is… How do they expect for her to talk to them, (about something sensitive) but they didn't talk to her about what her husband did (allegedly) about the theme song & them suing her HUSBAND????!?! JS! AGAIN!!!!

  2. Why does Quad, her last name sounds like the devil. Lucifer, or how ever you spell it. Is she ever gonna show compassion for herself/ husband/anybody else.??? Is she even worthy to hold a lime light @SISTA CIRCLE….???? I GET BOARD WHEN I SEE HER NON YAYING A**… PUSH HER TO THE SIDE, SHE HAS NO WEIGHT. THE OTHER LADIES ARE MORE INTUNED, MORE INTELLIGENT, STABLED, AND WANTS TO SHOW (REAL LOVE)…. WITHOUT HER, THE SHOW…. IT WILL BE MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN HER PETTY BUTT BEING ON THERE, I WOULD WATCH MORE AND TELL MORE PPL TO WATCH/ CUT QUADD AND WATCH YALL SHOW BE MORE SUCCESSFUL…..!!!!When your losing with the being sooooo selfish. I await dreames of a good man that can be financially stable loves his family/friends

  3. None of my 3 siblings as sister's don't hve close bonds we go for 3yrs or more not calling each other not even visiting at all.I count all 3 out of my life.I'm fine with the family I hve of my own.Life 2 short 2 put up with the bull Shit they on.I don't owe those mf a damn thing.I love the braxton sister's they give me hope.I image they my sister's frm another mother,except Tamar.lol๐Ÿ’˜โ˜บ

  4. Seeing Trina blatantly lie in Iyanla's face was a disgrace! Those Braxton sisters are satan's spawn!

  5. People should just copy one interview and share it.. THese heifas have said the same thing in every interview they have done together…

  6. I enjoy watching the Braxtonโ€™s however I cannot watch this entire interview. It is very disingenuous. Tamar is not talking to you all and at one point none of yโ€™all even had her number. She doesnโ€™t post any pics of none of you on social media. I wish all of you well but to come into an interview and fake it, no maโ€™amโœŒ๐Ÿพ

  7. Bird kissing Lil Wayne right on the lips. Toni being such a snob. I don't see the relationship with Bird as anything other than a business transaction or a ploy for ratings. Sad.

    On another note, they know good and well they wouldn't be friends with Tamar; it's not that difficult to ascertain. Heck, Tamar doesn't really have any friends other than her 'judies'. Anything for ratings but the devil is a lie.

  8. I can't stand Towanda after what she did to Trina with that whole double date setup. That was the true tom foolery for real ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ !!!!!#thatPART

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