Southern Charm: Is Naomie Jealous of Craig’s Potential New Crush? (Season 5, Episode 5) | Bravo

Southern Charm: Is Naomie Jealous of Craig’s Potential New Crush? (Season 5, Episode 5) | Bravo

It seems like Shep, Austen, and Craig all have a thing for Peyton.
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This season on Southern Charm, relationships old and new are tested as the women are turning the good old boys club on its head. With years of friction seemingly behind them, Kathryn and Thomas reached a custody agreement and have officially moved forward. Kathryn, now an independent woman, is marking her territory in Charleston and has high hopes of growing closer with the ladies of the group. Meanwhile, Thomas has found a new love interest, Ashley, who has relocated to the city and is shaking up the newly solid ground he and Kathryn have finally found. After years of fighting motherhood, Cameran welcomes her first child, Palmer, to the world. However, despite focusing on raising her daughter, Cameran still finds herself doling advice to the childish members of the crew. Meanwhile, Shep is fresh off his search for love that didn’t go as planned and wonders if he is cut out for a life of romance. After a contentious breakup, Craig and Naomie struggle to remain friends, realizing quickly how hard it is to move on in a small town where everyone knows your business. Despite this, Craig is determined to pinpoint what went wrong, and launch a sewing empire, so he enlists a life coach to help keep him in balance. After a recent break up, Chelsea and Austen try to maintain a friendship, even though Austen has moved on with her close friend. Is this Charleston group strong enough to weather the ever-changing dynamics, or will they crumble under the pressure?

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Southern Charm: Is Naomie Jealous of Craig’s Potential New Crush? (Season 5, Episode 5) | Bravo



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27 thoughts on “Southern Charm: Is Naomie Jealous of Craig’s Potential New Crush? (Season 5, Episode 5) | Bravo

  1. Naomi was completely out of line in the way she attacked Peyton. Who died and made her the Boss. Peyton should have given her a slap to give her a reality check. She doesn't want Craig (apart from screaming at and bullying him when the urge takes her) but she regards him as her property. She needs to be seriously put in her place by the group. As for Craig, I'm no psychiatrist but given the state of his home, his apathy towards meeting other women, his lack of drive, I would suspect that's he suffering from a mild depression. I'm sure his ego and self worth is shot to hell after being on the receiving end of Naomi's wrath.

  2. I don't think Naomi is jealous. I think her personality has a little possessiveness in it. She's semi territorial. When she throws a drink or goes physical I'll drop the semi to full on

  3. Watched the show yesterday evening. First, you girls have no right to be mad at the guys, period. You are broken up, finished. Its been months now. The guys and you girls need to grow up and move forward. Whether you all are at a get together or just hanging out, you have no right with expectations of any sort from your ex's. No right to be jealous, possessive nor to ask and question the ex if nor whom they are dating anyone. Geez, Grow up already. That goes for Chelsea, Naomi, Kathryn or anyone else. Mind your own business. You are broken up. Get on with your lives, go alone or date someone else at your get togethers and parties, You have no right to make the guys feel as if they owe you some non existent loyalty of not bringing a new date. Same for the guys. Youve been broken up for a good number of MONTHS now. So accept it, and move forward. Stop acting so immature and possesive. Stay friends or dont, but move on for goodness sakes. Makes you girls look plum stupid boasting about being single, complaining about the issues you had in the relationships with the guys, but then you act as if they owe you some impossible loyalty as if you are still together when you are not together. Whether or not Payton dated Shep, Austin or Craig or not, its really not your business. Yes, Payton appears an opportunist. But thats between her and the guys. I sure dont see you giving Katheyn a hard time, yet she supposedly admitted she slept with Tbomas, and Shep. And she has also hit on Craig, per her weird dream. Whats the difference between her and Payton? Grow up and move forward already. Makes you look so immature and even psycho to expect the guys not to date and bring someone new.

  4. Naomi is busy jumping on everyone’s porch, when her own isn’t clean. She needs to tend to her on business. I’m so tired of her temper tantrums. It’s old already and if you think this behavior will keep you on the show, “If you like I love it” Just know the dirt you put out there is not behind you, it’s in front of you. Get prepared because KARMA can be a b….!!!

  5. Don't forget Naomie is French: one false move and Craig or Peyton might be seeing her face outside their living room window on a dark, stormy, night, lol.

  6. Someone get Naomie to CODA stat! That girl is the queen of codependency. Craig deserves much better. How much more obvious could it be that her attraction to Craig is completely superficial. Surface. Surface. Surface. If this girl isn't a Virgo, I'll eat a fkn sweet-potato fry!

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