Southern Charm: Peyton’s Side of the Naomie Ambush Story (S5, E5) | After Show | Bravo

The Charmers reveal that Naomie’s ambush might have been based on some social media detective work…Watch new episodes of Southern Charm, Thurs 9/8c, only on Bravo! #SouthernCharm
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This season on Southern Charm, relationships old and new are tested as the women are turning the good old boys club on its head. With years of friction seemingly behind them, Kathryn and Thomas reached a custody agreement and have officially moved forward. Kathryn, now an independent woman, is marking her territory in Charleston and has high hopes of growing closer with the ladies of the group. Meanwhile, Thomas has found a new love interest, Ashley, who has relocated to the city and is shaking up the newly solid ground he and Kathryn have finally found. After years of fighting motherhood, Cameran welcomes her first child, Palmer, to the world. However, despite focusing on raising her daughter, Cameran still finds herself doling advice to the childish members of the crew. Meanwhile, Shep is fresh off his search for love that didn’t go as planned and wonders if he is cut out for a life of romance. After a contentious breakup, Craig and Naomie struggle to remain friends, realizing quickly how hard it is to move on in a small town where everyone knows your business. Despite this, Craig is determined to pinpoint what went wrong, and launch a sewing empire, so he enlists a life coach to help keep him in balance. After a recent break up, Chelsea and Austen try to maintain a friendship, even though Austen has moved on with her close friend. Is this Charleston group strong enough to weather the ever-changing dynamics, or will they crumble under the pressure?

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Southern Charm: Peyton’s Side of the Naomie Ambush Story (S5, E5) | After Show | Bravo



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33 thoughts on “Southern Charm: Peyton’s Side of the Naomie Ambush Story (S5, E5) | After Show | Bravo

  1. Naomi Needs psychological help because anyone who uses a tracker to snoop on their partner and can't handle a break up then they need some help! If it was a man who'd done this on the show everyone would be having a fit by now

  2. Love Naomi but not a huge fan of the nose job. She’s pretty of course but she was just as pretty before and looked so uniquely gorgeous. It just fit her face better. The nose looks to fake and shiny. Love her personality though she’s one of my favs.

  3. Honestly I support Naomi and love the fact that she is indeed calling it like she sees it which is being a thirsty b**ch and there MUST be a drought in Cali for sure.

  4. Lol "she's French" but so is Luann and Luann can still be cordial with the woman her ex husband dated during their marriage. Unbelibubble

  5. New girl is a fan but she's getting the cold treatment because it's Craig and Naomi doesn't want to be with him but she doesn't want others to be with him. She's hoping Craig can get on with his lawyer career and then they can get back together. That is Naomi's ideal situation.

  6. So now she is everyones mother bear running around trying to protect the bad boys that are a bunch of naughty wicked people waxing worse and worse except that JD guy she didn't like him so she's only protector for who ever she likes throwing the nice new girl under bus before you even know her is a foolish thing to do go home naomie and love your cat because that cat is missing Craig and you don't even pay any attention to the poor Kitty give the kitty to Craig

  7. let's not forget naomie even has a tracker of craigs phone. she's nothing but an obcessive stalker. and craig needs to stay far away.

  8. I think now that Naomi is on the show more, and not just Craig's girlfriend, I'm not sure how much I like her. I do think the fact that she stands up for herself and what she wants is a good thing. But once you decide you're done with a guy, you need to be done, girlfriend. I'd be willing to bet the producers brought Peyton on board because Cameron is probably not going to be seen much after she gives birth.

  9. Don't know what's got into Naomi this season she never used to be this confrontational and mean spirited. Not a fan of Peyton she isn't a fit for this show but I love the dress she's wearing here

  10. Peyton has rights to any of the guys available since the girls kicked them to the curb. Move over ladies there's a new hot girl in town!

  11. She's crazy. Seriously this girl needs help. The way she attacked the new girl it was just mean and completely uncalled for.

  12. Naomi get a grip of yourself. I know you called yourself a phyco and I’m going to have to agree with you .You don’t have to be a southern bell to see that one.

  13. This is strictly my opinion however, I actually like the “new” Naomie. She always seemed so subdued and restricted and it’s nice to see her get heated and upset. I loved when she went off on JD. Her timing might not have been the best however, everyone admitted that everything she said about JD was true and that’s why no one tried to defend him. I like seeing the women of Southern Charm sticking together and finding their voice.

  14. Naomie isn't interested in Craig..
    Leave him alone then..
    Cam we know Naomie"s French what"s that got to do with her being jealous???

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